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Bucky is a proud triple dad to three girls aged eight and under (Bookworm, Foghorn and Boo). He left the full time corporate world in late 2012 and he's not sure whether he's a SAHD or a WAHD, but either way he's spenidng more time at home with his family. Once upon a time Bucky played guitar for a garage band, now he can only play nursery rhymes.

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It won't be long before Q and I welcome Kid C to the clan. D-day is quickly approaching with Q due in 6-7 weeks and I can't say that we're even close to being prepared. We haven't set up the nursery (where the heck is the bassinet?), we haven't decided on names - not even a shortlist, we don't have any bags packed, we're not even sure whether we can fit three kids in our car. We've really taken this pregnancy very casually though I do have concerns, I'll admit that.

I watched yet another video from and this one really got me thinking. Do I really give my girls enough opportunities to learn? This presentation from Gever Tulley titled 5 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do (see video at bottom of page) suggests that we need to ease the leash a little to let kids learn. Let them play with a campfire, let them own a pocket knife, let them climb up the wet slide in their socks.

So I started think about what learning opportunities I have given my girls. Sure I let Kid A cross the road by herself, but that's hardly ground breaking - the kid's seven and we live in a quiet street. Here's a couple of examples of where I have let a kid off the leash so to speak.

Part of my day job is to keep up with new trends and emerging technology with a view of understanding how they impact the information systems I'm accountable for. Doing this after hours, my mind slipped into 'TackleNappy mode' and my thoughts wandered to how new trends and technology will impact parenting and everyday family life. The following are a few of my thoughts and observations, and before you ask, yes, I was tempted to include "Parents throwing out bags full of toys that children refuse to pack away".

Here's something I wrote in December 2009. Some interesting predictions here, some of which were pretty damn close. Hope you like it.


So it's like this, I love the Collingwood Football Club whether we're riding the ladder from the top, or propping up 15, 16 or 17 other AFL teams. I've sat back and waved to a couple of delistings, watched the trade period and draft with interest, I've witnessed a new coaching structure with Bucks joining the club with the promise of taking over as senior coach in a couple of years, and read the odd article or two about the Pies getting their Jolly's and Ball's. I think I've absorbed enough now to put my observations and thoughts into words.

I'm here sharing a shiraz with Danny Bishop. A friend, father of two, a man who certainly knows his wines, and someone I consider to be a pioneer of social media in the Australian sports industry.

On Business...

You've done a number of interesting things to earn a crust. From changing light globes in traffic lights to running Essendon Football Club's website and social media campaigns, to your current role with IMG. Being the most die-hard Bombers supporter I've ever met, your experience with Essendon must have been very special?

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