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It's expensive having kids and we tell you how much! Bucky tells us about his epxeriences with cloth nappies and Bucky gives us a SAHD update (oh the mess!!!!).

Last week we interviewed Bucky Senior in one of our most popular episodes. This week we back up fresh from Digital Parents Conference 2013.

Our second show for Series Two on Funky Kids Radio. Obviously you had an incredibly important appointment if you missed the show, luckily you have a second chance to listen to it. Here's what you missed.

Show Details below. Listen to the podcast here.

The TackleNappy show is back, fresh from summer holidays with an all new show...OK, a show similar to last years, but with a few new bits (the dog from next door is back too). We play a ute load of Aussie music to celebrate Australia Day.

Show Details below. Listen to the podcast here.


Thursday, 29 November 2012 21:27 Published in Bucky's Trophy Cabinet

In mid-April this year I left permanent full time employment. I left my employer with a little cache of cash in the bank and not a single regret. At the time we had Kid C brewing with wife Q about six months pregnant, and Kids A and B in primary school and Kinder. This was a change I was eagerly awaiting. To be at home with my wife pregnant in her third trimester, to be able to be involved in the early months of Kid C's life, to take over some of the tasks that had now become difficult for a heavily pregnant woman, and really, just having the opportunity to spend quality time with my family.

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