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Tacklenappy Book Review

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Some secrets should never be kept by Jayneen Sanders

There are books that come along that are a "must read" for your kids, and this is one of them. "Some secrets should never be kept" tackles the incredibly difficult topic of child abuse. It uses knights and lords to connect and open up a discussion about the topic.


You are probably thinking this book and topic is not suitable for my child. I felt that way initially and as a result I had this book sitting there ready and waiting to be reviewed for about 2 months. I felt really uncomfortable about exposing Kid X to the concepts in this book. It was such a hard decision for me as to whether to read it to Kid X at all. Firstly I didn’t want to end her day so seriously and then I felt she may be too young to understand the concepts.

I was wrong. The book, whilst not as light hearted as the normal kids book, is vitally important to add to your bookshelf. It starts to promote the idea of personal boundaries and with the proper management of the discussion, both during and after reading the book, you can start helping your child become aware of what’s appropriate and what’s not and of course, as the title suggests, that some secrets should never be kept.

The obvious question and concern is what age is this book suitable for. To be honest I probably wouldn’t read it to any child younger than 3, but the book uses generic terminology around the topic and you can apply different discussions as your children get older. It also includes some guidance for parents and teachers, which is really helpful in framing the discussion.

Overall, as I wrote earlier, it’s really important to own this book for you and your family. It handles a very difficult (and uncomfortable) subject in a sensitive and age appropriate way and provides a chance to discuss it with your children. 

A copy of this book was given to for us to review.

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