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You Can't Spill These Beans

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When we were approached to review a beanbag I thought to myself, oh no not another bean bag in the house. You see, we've gone through a number of them. The Bucky household beanbag lifecycle typically starts with the kids who will love the beanbag to death over a few months. After that, just like marriage, the love gradually diminishes and the beanbag gets used every second day (or is that every second month), before long it's squashed in the corner and forgotten about, only to see the light of day when someone is bored or when all the other seats are taken.

There's one in the household, however, who will never lose the love for a beanbag, the best friend of man - Boags the Staffy. LifeCoastJunior2Boags will do his good sit, clearly communicating his intentions by staring at the bean bag and then staring back at any human within view. Eventually we relent and the bean bag then becomes dog's best friend. After that, it's all downhill for poor beanbag as it gets mankier and mankier, starts to shed it's insides and eventually finds its way to the garbage bin. Of course, disposing of the beans is a painful story that's really more boring than my average blog post.

But guess what, this beanbag from Life! is different from those ol' bean bags we've all had before. You wont find me whinging about the Coast Junior model in 5 years time as I've whinged above. It's different and here's why.

It has an insert to hold all the beans secure. So there's no more occurrences of the beanbag pooping beans one by one out the corner of the zipper. The beans have to escape three zips before it sees the light of day, more fences to scale than Alcatraz – only the baddest of beans can escape this fortress!

It's damn easy to fill. The insert is very light so it's quite easy to handle the insert and the awkward bag of beans at the same time. I grabbed 100 litres of beans which cost about $12 from Kmart and, using the easy fill funnel thingy, pretty much used the whole lot. I found later that I really should have obeyed the instructions and used 90 litres instead – there's a tip for young players...RTFM! I filled it up by myself, in the bath, so that any little beany ball things that I dropped didn't spread around the house. Oh, the bath was empty and the plug was in, and I was fully clothed (just in case you were wondering).

Get yer beans out in the bath. That way if they drop, you wont lose them down the sink.And the zips are safety zips. In other words, they're missing the dangly bits that enable you to zip and unzip. Only those armed with a paper-clip can open up Life! beanbags. Look, I was probably doing this 10 years ago to be honest, but Kudos to Life! for including this obvious feature in their products – such an easy thing to do yet I'm pretty sure other beanbags on the market still have their dangly bits attached.

There's little air hole thingies on the outer cover so that air can escape when you sit your oversized bum on the kids beanbag (I'm referring to personal experience of course – I would never insinuate that our readers have big bums!).

It's got little pockets on the side where we can store the Xbox remote control. The kids can have decided these pockets are perfect for hair ties, muesli bar wrappers and the odd grain of rice.

It's just damn cute. It's small and contoured to the body shape of little Buckys. It's not the old style shape that looks like a gigantic melted choc bud, it's...look it just looks cool, kinda like a retro piece of furniture sitting in the corner rather than a Jabba the Hutt made from old corduroy jeans. It's so chic (is that even a word) that my yuppy friends can come over and think I've transformed myself from style-less dork to the coolest of cats. Geez, next you'll find me watching over-hyped cooking shows and trying bake moccasins, macaroons, whatever those little over-priced shithouse yoyo things are.

It's durable. The outer cover is pretty tough and easy to clean...believe me, I've had to clean milk, second-hand LifeCoastJunior3milk (courtesy of 8 month old Boo), what I think was weetbix (but who really knows) and something else that, well to be honest, I don't want to even think what that other stain could have been. Even after all that, it still looks as good as new. As the cover can be removed totally without spilling the beans (surely I could have found a better way to use the term "spill the beans") it's damn easy to clean and you can even chuck it in the washing machine. Apparently the colour wont run either according to the website.

It's a multi-purpose device. When it's not being used we turn it on its side and cover the sharp edges of our TV cabinet so that Boo wont bump her scone whilst she's commando crawling around vacuuming up dog hairs and biscuit crumbs. We also use it as a barrier so that Boo can't pull all the DVDs out and polish them with her dribble.

I have the feeling that this little beauty won't become dog's best friend...suffer in yer undies Boags...oh you don't wear undies. Whatever!

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