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Little Box of Goodies

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One of the best aspects about publishing our rants, whinges and sooks online at TackleNappy is that we get the opportunity to interact with other like-minded people and organisations that operate within our area of interest. Chubba and I have been lucky enough to work a little with Bambino Box (Kristina recently donated her time to be a fabulous guest judge for our Dad of the Year competition).

When we were offered the chance to review a Bambino Box I rubbed my hands together and yelled "Freebies!!!". But guess what, and don't tell Bambino Box this, I would have paid for mine. So really, there's my conclusion, placed perfectly at the beginning of this article (puzzled? Me too). The Bambino Box represents tremendous value for money, excellent bang for your buck, and, if you purchased this for a new mum would make for a very thoughtful gift. Think about it, you could bake two meals worth of lasagne for the new parents, or buy them a three month subscription to Bambino Box – new goodies every month!

My Bambino Box arrived beautifully presented. I was like a teenager at Christmas not wanting to rip open the present too quickly and look like a greedy little kid, but all the same that's exactly what I wanted to do...so I did (and it was so well presented!). Inside I found a little treasure trove of goodies along with a personalised letter, and brochure or two from the product manufacturers and/or Bambino Box's partners.

The first thing I noticed was the woollen Buddha Baby beanie. Beautifully soft and warm, I took the tag off, plonked it on my four year old's head and haven't seen it since. Kid B promises me she loves it (I think it's hidden in her bed, possibly acting as teddy's pillow). I know these beanies are on the expensive side and I'm pretty sure this item would have been worth the cost of the Bambino Box alone.

Next in line was Camomile tea. Now I admit I'm not a huge tea drinker, but for the sake of this post I've just filled up the kettle and made possibly my first ever Camomile tea...back to this once I have a few sips...Camomile tea is for ladies isn't it?

Working a couple of days a week in a CBD high rise my lips dry out from the air conditioning. Perfectly tucked in the corner of my Bambino Box was a tube of Papaya (Paw Paw) Ointment. This stuff is perfect for dry lips. It's multipurpose so can be used as a nappy cream or for breastfeeding mums to moisten and soften nipples (I'm sure this is the first time I've mentioned nipples in one of my articles). I think I'll just stick to using it for my dry lips. I decide not tell the good wife about this one and snuck it next to my bed. I hate sharing my lip balm and I don't want her to know I'm moisturising.

The next item was kinda 50/50 according to Kids A & B (seven and four respectively). Kid A kind of waves her hand in a 'give it or take it' manner after tasting Nestle Cerelac Multifruits drinks. These are basically Up & Gos for kids. This product is targeted at one-three year olds but both drank the whole prima-style drink which "does taste kinda milky" according to Kid B.

Mmm...Camomile tea...it's OK I guess. Gee my hands are dry, they need moisturising. Maybe I should book in for a massage soon?

If you have a toddler in the house, chances are you're familiar with DreamBaby magnetic locking systems. These are the safety latches you can use on your laundry cupboard to keep little Nosey Parkers out. They're hidden from view and only mum and dad can open the cupboard using a special magnet. We already have safety locks on such cupboards so I'm going to use these locks (pack of four!) on the liquor cabinet, the chocolate cupboard and my spare change draw. Thank you DreamBaby!

Back to the tea. It's alright, I don't mind it. I really thought it was for the ladies much like beef jerky is targeted at men. I could drink this again though. Now if you excuse me I'm going to paint my nails and book in for a facial. Does my bum look big in these jeans? Camomile tea anyone?

If you think you can out-blog me (any monkey with a keyboard could do so) why not give it a go for a chance to win an extra month's subscription to Bambino Box – check out the "Blog your box off!" promotion on the Bambino Box website.

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