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A Bambino Box of tricks

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It’s always great to receive a parcel at the front door, especially when the highlight of your day is going out to the mailbox or high fiving yourself when you managed not to get wee or poo on your t-shirt. That is what makes the idea of Bambino Box so appealing.

Bambino Box is a subscription service that sends out a box of mainly sample products for a regular small fee. The Bambino Box is personalised to the age of your child, so you receive products that are appropriate for your child. In the case of Kid Y we received the newborn box.  

It is just about the highlight of your month, when the courier comes to your house and drops off this mysterious little box and no it’s not because the courier is an adult to talk to. I think they know they are going to be chatted to so they creep up to the front door and quietly place the parcel on the doormat, then run away to the safety of their van.

The presentation of the Bambino Box is, let’s face it, more for the mums than the dads. Lots of tissue paper nicely scrunched up, umm this is one for Wife A, who is looking at me as if I have no clue. She thought it was presented beautifully and added to the special delivery.

Wife A had already had a sneak peek in the box after it arrived and when I finally got home I opened it up to have a look  I started to madly flick through all the items and unpack them in a large pile in the middle of the table.  Wife A got frustrated at this point and advised me there was a letter that accompanied the box that told you what all the items were and where they were from.

I was banished from the table to the couch to read the letter. The letter, pardon the pun, said it all. It was encouraging and congratulatory to the new parents. It talked through each item and educated me on the cooling powers of Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs. The letter explained that each product is chosen by Kristina and the Bambino Box Team and are products they like to use. They are obviously good judges as each of the items was a top of the range product. The best part was that many of the creams, lotions and breast thingies were sample sizes so we can use them and see how they go without having to spend a packet on a large bottle etc.

Some of the products would come in very handy in the couple weeks after the baby came home, especially the breast pads, as cracked nipples and such things are a common problem early on. Although I didn’t suffer from them this time, last time they hurt like buggery.

It also provided a couple of “big ticket” items, a packet of Mag Locks (from dreambaby) and a beanie from Buddha baby. The locks are pretty expensive so to get them in the monthly pack was a bonus. The beanie is very trendy and looks like it would not only keep Kid Y’s noggin warm on a cold morning but make him look cool as well.

All in all the Bambino Box is a great concept and would make an awesome and different gift for new parents.  The fact that you are never sure what’s inside from month to month keeps your interest each time it arrives at your doorstep.

These guys have thought of everything, I am off now to relax and have a camomile tea (included in the box too) J!

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