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Di$ney on Ice

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Our adventure started when my sister and eldest niece knocked on our door early Saturday morning. Kids A & B and I joined them and headed to Hi-Sense Arena, eagerly anticipating the afternoons entertainment.

We found our way by train to Jolimont Station, the girls impressed with the train ride and jumping out of their skin to get there. Some passengers on the crowded train however were not that impressed with the antics of three girls under eight..."toughen up" I say, we could have brought two others even younger! Seventeen "please carry me daddy" requests later and we had walked from Jolimont Station to Hi-Sense Arena. If the girls were excited before then they were mega-excited now.

We decided to head inside and corral the girls towards the bathrooms before the show started. Two steps past the turnstiles and we were greeted by a number of staff, sorry 'financial predators', waiting with food and drinks for sale. OH MY....FIFTEEN BUCKS FOR A SNOW CONE! You've gotta be kidding. And that was the start of a trend for the next few hours, dad refusing to part with his hard-earned and fending off greasy looks and aggressive complaints from a seven year old. Thankfully the show was about to start, this will distract her.

And it did. We were seated four rows from the front, these were real good seats, an impressive effort by the good wife and her online purchasing skills. We could see the performers quite clearly and luckily we were situated right near a stage entrance so the girls commonly had a chance to see a performer close up before he/she entered the show. As I'm sure you can appreciate, the audio for the show was all pre-recorded and in American accents. Mickey and Co would skate around the arena moving their hands to signify that they were speaking. Unfortunately the show was 'busy' as there was always a giggle (that's my collective noun for a group of Disney characters) of other skaters on the rink at the same time all throwing their hands around. There were times where I found it difficult to determine which character was speaking so I'd try to work it out by looking for over-animated hand gestures...#FAIL, there was just too much happening on the stage for this theory to work.

The girls had difficulty identifying all of the characters, even the fairies and princesses that they know so well from books and cartoons. They did successfully pick out sTinkerbell and Snow White but spent much of the time asking me who the characters were. We have plenty of Disney books and movies at home so I didn't expect this to be a problem.

Intermission. Oh no, we're only half way through! I endured another 45 minutes or so of the show which concluded with all the performers bordering the stage and inviting the kids to come down to say hello. By the time our little ones made it to the stage the performers had turned around for home. We were in the fourth row for god sake, is it that difficult to stay for three minutes?!?!

Finally it was time to leave. You betcha, merchandise stores everywhere and three kids chomping at the bit to get to them. We relented and bought the girls a t-shirt each at $24 a pop. Right about now you're probably thinking that I'm the worlds biggest tight arse but consider this for a moment - we've just had our third child, I finished permanent employment over two months ago, show tickets were $55...and, the show was boring as batshit (for at least). The merchandise quality was OK, but not worth the price tag that sat on it....and I never liked Mickey Mouse anyway.

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