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Elmo's world tour Review

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Today I had the pleasure of taking Kid X and Wife A to Elmo’s World Tour at a local theatre. The main thing about this review is I have edited it after hearing Kid X talking about the show the next day. Kid X really enjoyed the show and seemed to follow the story line and yes that counts for something.

The show started off with Grover coming on stage and it was a quick song and dance number. Unfortunately his jaws were flapping less than he was actually speaking and singing. Most of the characters costumes would have been impressive if you were going to a dress up party but for a quality stage production perhaps they lacked a little realism, don’t even get me started on the Cookie Monster costume.  In fact the Grover had a black box in its mouth, and I reckon at times I could see two beady little eyes looking out on the crowd.

Kid X was excited and then the curtain came up and we began our journey round the world, to me it felt like I was travelling in economy. The basic premise of the show is the characters travel round the world stopping at several geographic hotspots.

Most of the characters were pretty true to the TV show, however the same can’t be said for a certain Big Bird. He was animatronic and a rather dodgy one at that. This for me was the highlight of the show and watching his creepy movements throughout the performance made me smile. His dodgy timings, his random head wobbles and the moments when they obviously turned him off and he just slumped were enjoyable.  The only thing I was disappointed with for Big Bird was that he did not make any mechanical noises when he moved.

Ernie and the Count made cameos and this was great. Ernie who looked like a creepy version of Ben from "Lost" sung Rubber Ducky and the Count (finally a good costume) sung a song about you guessed it counting.  The show seemed to go for ages, that’s because it went for ages. 1 hour for a kids show is just too long to keep the kids attention.

Unfortunately Elmo’s World Tour left me feeling like I needed to go back and see my travel agent and ask for my $25 back. I knew I should have taken out Elmo’s travel insurance.  I give it one full nappy out of 5. Sorry Bert and Ernie ;-((. But wait as I said earlier Kid X really enjoyed it and guess what it was actually aimed at little kids so for that I up the rating to 3 full nappies out of 5.

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