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What to expect at the movie what to expect when you're expecting movie

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What to expect when you’re expecting is a really great pregnancy resource. When I heard they were making a movie based on the book I thought, well that will either be a romantic comedy or a 12 part instructional documentary series on parenting. Unfortunately it turned out to be the rom-com with more product placements than the Block.  

Ok dads (especially soon to be dads) this review is for you as I know you will be either dragged along or worse still you suggested this movie as a way of showing just how excited you are with the upcoming arrival. The movie you will see is ok, you could watch a lot worse than this 2 hours of over the top slapstick, average 1 liners, fake pregnant bellies and a plot that is more predicable than the Dees season with more holes than its defence.

The movie follows (I think) 5 couples through their entire pregnancy from, in some cases the moment of conception right through to the delivery of the baby. I think it was 5 couples there were so many sub stories I got a bit confused. Of course there is plenty of romance and lots of struggling relationship dramas to keep partners happy.  

If you are looking to get a quick lesson in the many facets of pregnancy, most things are covered, generally not in great detail but enough for you to improve your knowledge and this allows you to impress your partner by throwing in a couple of terms later in the pregnancy. Instead of having to read the book you might get away with just watching this film or you can visit   

The movie does have a couple of funny moments, that girl that has the squirts in Bridesmaids is playing a strange (but reasonably) amusing character and once again gets a big laugh from body waste products. 

It also has Chris Rock and a bunch of dads who I thought gave the movie a little bit of life and charisma. These dad characters are strategically placed throughout the movie to make sure that the dads in the audience don’t pull out their phones and start playing drawsomething.

The dads throughout the movie are clumsy parents who are quite frankly the stereotypical stupid morons that most rom-coms depict them as. Each of them stumbles around their wives needs and wants and eventually comes good. Whilst it is pretty true that us dads feel awkward and nervous around pregnant women, we can become quite handy at parenting and who’s to say our different approach is actually the wrong one. I reckon that having two different types of parents is a good thing for your child.

The ending of the film was a double scoop of Smoltz. Even the most blokey bloke would struggle not to get a warm and fuzzy feeling in his chest, and that’s caused by the movie not by eating too much popcorn.  

I give it 3 full nappies out of 5. 

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