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Crapt or Fiction (Number 1)

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One of the most fun things I do is read kid X a book before putting her to bed.

Luckily this has encouraged a love of books and it is normal for Kid X to come into the lounge with a book in her hand demanding one of us (usually Wife A) “read it mummy read it”.  

Although we have a large selection of books (including 150 Grug books) when it comes to bed time, choosing a good book to read is really hit and miss. Sometimes I think oh she’ll love this book and she is about as interested as most footy fans are in Better Homes and Gardens.

So I thought it might be a good idea to share books suggestions with each other that are liked by your children and mine. Please feel free to suggest books either on the website or on our Facebook wall.

When I buy a new children’s book I will read it to Kid X gauge the reaction then give it a rating out of 5 dummies.  If I give it a 1 Kid X either cried or ripped the page or if I give it a 5 this means that Kid X asked me to read it again.

So here is the first review:

Rudie Nudie by Emma Quay

This book puts the idea in your child’s mind to run around in the nude straight after getting out of the bath. Very amusing in a book, not so amusing when you haven’t had a chance to dry them and the dripping water on the new freshly renovated bathroom makes it look like the local gym change room.

The story and text is little bit random (ok before anyone writes anything I am no literary giant myself) but it did flow, not as much as the water will out of the bath onto the floor when Kid X tries to escape the bath tomorrow night to Rudie Nudie run around the house.

The story is simply that the Rudie Nudies run around the house and end up outside being tickled by a spikey tree, that part of the book was a bit strange, but it then puts the Rudie Nudies to bed. Ahh a nice message about sleep at the end of the book, well done.

Its strengths are Kid X seemed to find it amusing, and not amusing enough to stimulate her and be a bad bed time book either. It had nice illustrations too, very arty indeed, so it’s nice to look at, the pictures are simple and help you engage in your reading with your child. Don’t stress either it doesn’t have much nudity, it’s just a bit cheeky, but hey if you’re reading a book called Rudie Nudie what do you expect.

Overall not a bad book and being an ABC Kids book it gets a bonus half a point because I am ever thankful for the ABC investing all that money in ABC 2 on TV. Tonight I give this book 3.5 dummies.

Our next book in Crapt or Fiction will be Jackson’s Goal by Dwayne Russell. 

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