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The TackleNappy Show - Series Two Episode Three (17 Feb 2013)

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If you missed show three you missed out big. We dedicated our song playlist (well most of it) to 2013 Grammy Award winnners. Check out the runsheet below and listen to the podcast here.

Discussion Topics

  • Swimming - Chubba talks about swimming lessons (for the kids, not himself).
  • Parenting Injuries - Chubba tells us how he buggered his back..
  • Bedtime Delay Tactics - Bucky reveals how his daughters manage to delay bedtime.
  • The Vasectomy - Chubba, will he or wont he?
  • Smoking during pregnancy - we touch on a topic that had some airplay on Aussie news networks in recent times.

Track Listing

  • Song One - Daughter (Loudon Wainwright)
  • Song Two - Jump (The Mudcakes)
  • Song Three - Set Fire to the Rain (Adele)
  • Song Four - Little Black Submarines (The Black Keys)
  • Song Five - All You Need Is Love (The Beatles)
  • Song Six - Somebody That I used to Know (Gotye feat Kimbra)

Resources & Links

Next Week on the TackleNappy Show

  • Vasectomies, kids delaying bed time, parenting injuries...this show not to be missed.
  • We play another iconic Aussie tune.

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