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The great Mr Maker Caper

Monday, 08 July 2013 20:13 Published in Chubba's Pool Room

Gee, that Mr Maker was so on the money for once. No not his doodle draws or the shapes that live on his shelves or even the dodgy car or even worse his annoying nasally voice (all rather wrong actually). Today his topic of discussion was, have you ever put something really special somewhere secret and forgotten where you left it?

Stabbed in the head and kicked in the ....

Wednesday, 03 July 2013 20:29 Published in Chubba's Pool Room

As I rubbed my sore head this morning after being innocently stabbed with a
pair of nail scissors by Kid X I started to think how lucky am I. When you
think about it, when else in your life do you get stabbed with a sharp
instrument and live to have a loud scream/laugh at the same time. I immediately
thought gosh this is the last time I encourage my daughter to give me an
imaginary haircut for at least 3 years.

Too bloody hard

Wednesday, 19 June 2013 20:39 Published in Chubba's Pool Room

Every now and then you start to think it’s all too hard. Last night was that night for me.

Saturday Morning Sports Fiasco

Tuesday, 21 May 2013 21:06 Published in Chubba's Pool Room

Saturday morning sports are a ritual for aussie families and my family have a routine too sorry a fiasco.

Tis the season (footy season)

Sunday, 31 March 2013 20:44 Published in Chubba's Pool Room

Another footy season has begun and for us Melbourne supporters, another long year lies ahead with very little chance of any movement up the ladder. However tonight’s post is not about my lament at being stuck as dees man, it’s about how I watch footy has changed for good since becoming a parent.

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