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A wonderful weekend

Sunday, 28 July 2013 21:16 Published in Chubba's Pool Room

You don’t always have grand weekends but I must admit that although the weekend was busy it was awesome. I may even make it through a post without complaining. There's a challenge for me.

A diverse show as we talk about placentas, Father's Day & Footy. We play a couple of songs you haven't heard for a while too.

Tis the season (footy season)

Sunday, 31 March 2013 20:44 Published in Chubba's Pool Room

Another footy season has begun and for us Melbourne supporters, another long year lies ahead with very little chance of any movement up the ladder. However tonight’s post is not about my lament at being stuck as dees man, it’s about how I watch footy has changed for good since becoming a parent.

Last week we interviewed Bucky Senior in one of our most popular episodes. This week we back up fresh from Digital Parents Conference 2013.

If you missed show three you missed out big. We dedicated our song playlist (well most of it) to 2013 Grammy Award winnners. Check out the runsheet below and listen to the podcast here.

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