Saturday, Aug 13th 2022


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It’s not often that anyone at looks closely at current affairs we are usually too busy watching the footy but this week a couple of extraordinary events got me thinking.

Published in Chubba's Pool Room

It's expensive having kids and we tell you how much! Bucky tells us about his epxeriences with cloth nappies and Bucky gives us a SAHD update (oh the mess!!!!).

Published in Funky Kids Radio

Ever had one of those days? Bucky has! We talk about sick kids, weekend sports and you can listen to the voicemail message Bucky recorded especially for those pesky telemarketers.

Published in Funky Kids Radio
Tuesday, 21 May 2013 21:06

Saturday Morning Sports Fiasco

Saturday morning sports are a ritual for aussie families and my family have a routine too sorry a fiasco.

Published in Chubba's Pool Room

We follow up our big Mother's Day Show and talk school reunions and growing old, two topics that seem to go hand-in-hand. We also get serious and talk about White Ribbon.

Published in Funky Kids Radio
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