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Judging Panel for the TackleNappy Dad of the Year Award 2012

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TackleNappy are extremely proud to announce our judging panel for the TackleNappy Dad of the Year Award 2012.

Penny Johnston
(ABC Babytalk)ABC Baby Talk

Can you ever be prepared for the arrival of a baby in your life? It's a tsunami of change that shakes you from head to toe. It's not just your spare room that changes with the arrival of a baby, it's your lifestyle, relationships and even your friendships that undergo a rough renovation. Penny Johnston spent the last year in that very same tumble dryer and came out the other end wondering what she could ever have done to prepare her for the rollercoaster ride of becoming a mother. Since being back at work she's searched out the experts and the quirky stories, tried to tackle some myths and wives tales to bring you some of the most interesting, quirky and difficult aspects of being a parent. Baby talk is the result of genuine first-hand experience and a journalist's need to know why! Even if your baby boom was a few years ago, you can join in and remember, laugh and offer advice to the parents who are part of Australia's new baby boom.

Kerrie Gottliebsen
(Tweddle Child + Family Health Service)

Tweddle Child + Family Health Service is a not for profit early parenting centre providing support to over 4,000 parents of 0-6 year olds when they find parenting overwhelming. We understand that dads, as well as mums experience feelings of not being able to cope. We offer residential and day stay program, a psychology support service for parents experiencing stress, anxiety and depression as well as many other programs.

Julie Taylor
(for TackleNappy)

Mother of three Julie Taylor represents the TackleNappy community. No ordinary mum, Julie is a qualified teacher and plays an active role in her children's education as Secretary of the School Council and President of the Committee for the local Kinder. Julie has been a long time contributor and supporter of TackleNappy and we value her opinion greatly.

Lana Hirschowitz
(Editor iVillage Australia)


iVillage is the largest content-driven community for women online. Everyday parents come to iVillage to connect, share advice, find life tools and engage in conversations that matter most to them in areas of Pregnancy & Parenting, Health, Food, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Beauty & Style.

(Bambino Box)


Who doesn't like receiving a package full of goodies? Bambino Box is a new subscription service designed to deliver the best products and latest finds for the love of your life... your child. The idea behind Bambino Box is simple. Every month they send you our monthly picks of products straight to your door. Your Bambino Box is delivered during the first week of each month. They will be themed and have products and samples that will be useful for your baby at their current stage of development (from birth to 4 years old). A monthly subscription is $21.95 or you can purchase a prepaid subscription for 3, 6 or 12 months.

Elise Easdown
(What's On 4 - Australia)

What's On 4 - Australia is an online directory of local activities, events and party services for families. Managing Director Elise Easdown is a finalist for the 2012 AusMumpreneur Awards.


Read more about the TackleNappy Dad of the Year Award 2012 here.

Read about our finalists here, ten awesome Aussie dads.



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