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Mother's Day Special - A quickeze with Q

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In a very special Mother’s day edition of A beer with, we are paying homage to the person who puts up with Bucky and is only 5 weeks away from giving birth to kid C, today I'm here sharing a Quick Eze with Q.

On family..

Q, tell us about your family.

Ok the big question do you have any dirt on Bucky (bad habits, annoying things etc)?

Not really a lot to tell. Most annoying habits would be leg-bouncing and nail biting. He is pretty laid back – probably necessary to put up with me! Sometimes I will try to pick a fight but it just falls flat as he just won’t take the bait.

With both you and Bucky being quite busy how do you juggle the work life family balance?

Sometimes we don’t!! Generally it just seems to work itself out. Bucky usually takes over the parenting duties when he gets home and I get on with dinner preparations and other “house” stuff that needs to be done. Although as Bucky has been home a lot more lately, I’m happy to let him do everything.

Do you share family duties? Who does what? Come on be honest, he’s lazy right!

We tend to share the home-duties pretty evenly – I really don’t like housework though. I’m happier doing the outside stuff – gardening, mowing, gutters etc, but not allowed to undertake that stuff at the moment (not sure why?)

We recently decided to get a cleaner to come in once a fortnight to do the main jobs – floors, toilets, bathrooms etc – which is the best decision ever. Bucky does the bulk of the washing – just has a little trouble with putting the girls clothes away though – often Kid B will get in trouble from Kid A for wearing her clothes, but it’s only because Bucky can’t seem to remember what belongs to who (you’d think size tags would help, but…)

Are there any parenting jobs that you just hate and refuse to do? Is cleaning up after Boags a parenting job and if so who does this, surely not you?

Parenting jobs I dislike… where do I start…? Bedtime for Kid B is probably one job I avoid when I can – she can be pretty painful when it comes time for bed. Unfortunately though I can’t refuse to do that one. Nothing else springs to mind though – aside from wiping pooey bums – again, I can attempt to avoid but can’t really refuse.

Bucky does do the doggy pick-up at the moment, but I would normally do it. Actually, half the time, my lovely mother-in-law beats me to it and does it when she does their lawn (our backyards have no fence in between, so conveniently our dog does most of his business on their lawn – it’s much nicer than ours!)

On Work....

You are the website designer who works mainly from home, what are the challenges of juggling kids and your work?

Shutting off from work can be hard – especially when I’m in the middle of a project. I tend to want to sneak back upstairs “just for five minutes” and find myself still at the computer at 2am in the morning. I love being able to be my own boss though – not needing to call in sick if the kids aren’t well and just being able to be there for school and kinder pick ups etc. It is full on, but I won’t go back to working for someone else unless I have to – I love the flexibility.

What’s the website you are proudest of? (Hint: TACKLENAPPY TACKLENAPPY)

Of course it would have to be TackleNappy! There are few recent ones I’m pretty happy about – working on an e-commerce site for a friend that will integrate an the store into Facebook. I’m looking forward to going live with that one.

What’s the best part of working from home?

Being able to stay in my PJs all day if I want to! I love that I only have to go upstairs, no wasting valuable time commuting. And it’s great having Boags sitting on my feeting and farting all day.

On Pregnancy… 

How has this pregnancy compared with the other 2?

The start was pretty rough, made harder because the kids (Kid A in particular) was getting worried why I was always sick but not being able to tell them. Generally though, it has probably been easier. They’re both old enough to understand that I can’t necessarily do everything they want me to, and they are happy enough to watch a movie or two while I nap if needed.

Overall though, probably a bit easier! I suffered from Pelvic Instability (kind of like Osteitis pubis) with both of the other two, but haven’t been too bad this time around – I guess I knew how to manage it a bit better.  And this time I didn’t have to go off to work at all feeling like crap, if I felt crap on a workday this time around I just go back to bed or have a nap on the couch.

What’s the best/worst things about being pregnant?

I love being able to make Bucky do everything for me!!

To be honest there’s a fair bit I don’t like about being pregnant – but that’d be another whole blog post… Some people talk about how much they love being pregnant, but I think they must be on drugs of some sort.

Did you have any cravings? Did Bucky jump in the car and get these when requested at midnight?

I asked for a Bubble-O-Bill one night and he told me to get stuffed!! No, no strange midnight cravings.

Do you have a birth plan? Does Bucky know what it is?

As drug-free as possible. Kid A’s delivery knocked me around a fair bit with the length of the labour and using the whole she-bang of painkilling options, but it was a lot smoother and quicker with Kid B. Experience helps, as did hypnobirthing. I only used the gas for Kid B and recovered very quickly. Apparently I was fairly well off my nut on gas though – I refused to let go of the breathing piece, so the mid-wife had to regulate my intake by shutting off the actual gas flow.

On Fatherhood...and um motherhood.

When you fell pregnant with your first little person, what was the craziest advice you received from others?
I don’t remember receiving any advice that was too crazy.

Kid X bounced around in our first ultrasound picture so we affectionately called her Jumpy.  Did you have a special name for your latest expected arrival?

Much to Bucky’s dismay, this one has been labelled the Gremlin – I’m not really sure why, it just kind of happened.

What one word best describes how you felt when you became a mother for the first time?


Is it different the 3rd time around?

No, it’s still pretty freaky that my body can just do what it needs to do to grow this little person inside of me.

Did you select Christian or Middle names for a special reason?

Both of the girls have my surname as their middle name (and so will Kid C). I didn’t want to change my name when we got married, so I wanted them to have my name as part of their names, but didn’t want to do the whole hyphenation thing.

What Nursery Rhyme keeps getting stuck in your head?

Today it’s Mary Had a Little Lamb. Normally though it is some annoying song from a DVD that the girls have been watching – like Dora or a Barbie movie… Not good.

Which children's book do you secretly like to read (mine's Jackson’s Footy)?

From the little kid’s books I do like the Pamela Allen books, but Kid A is into Enid Blyton books at the moment and I do tend to have a flick through each one she is reading.

Thinking back to your childhood, what are your strongest and fondest memories

The highlight of my childhood would have to be our trip around Australia. We headed off on Mother’s Day 1985 with my parents, my older brother and younger sister, as well as my dad’s brother and his wife. We travelled for six-months – across the Nullabor, up the West Coast and then down the Red Centre. My brother and I missed six months of school (we did some correspondence school) but it was the best learning experience I could have ever had. Nothing that I could’ve learnt at school would match the life experience of that trip. It was amazing, and I really hope that we could do it one day with our kids.

If I asked this same question of your kids in 30 years time, what response would you hope for?  What response do you think I'd get?

I hope that they remember the fun times that we have, camping trips and holidays away with friends.

To Finish up...

As a mum of soon to be 3, what's the best advice you can give to mothers to be?

Go easy on yourself. Don’t expect to be the “perfect” mother – they don’t exist. Ask for help if you need it and accept help when it’s offered. I tried to do it all myself and ended up battling depression because I couldn’t live up to my own expectations (or my perception of others’ expectations). Even if you look around and think that all the other mum’s around you seem to be managing okay, don’t get down on yourself if you’re not coping as well as you’d like – chances are that they are just putting on a brave face!!

As a daughter what's the best advice you can give to your kids regarding maintaining a strong relationship with their mother?

Keeping an open line of communication - I’d like to think that they’d be comfortable coming to me to talk about anything that they need to, without fear of getting into trouble, or being embarrassed.  And if they can’t talk to us, find an adult that they are comfortable talking with instead of keeping things to themselves.

Lastly, if we were to send you an "I Love TackleNappy" T-shirt, do you swear to send us back a picture of you wearing it? Of course it would have the logo you designed on it so I guess you would have too right?

Of course I would, because if you guys ever got around to doing it, it would probably be me that had to organise it…

Wife Q, thank you very much for your time and have a fantastic mother’s day. Another Quick Eze??


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