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The Worry and Stress of Parenting - Guest Post by Jacko

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Compliments of the season to all Tacklenappians!! I hope you all had wonderful Xmas with friends and family and a safe and happy New Year.

I always told my mother that she was nothing but a worry wart! Good ole Mum would be worried sick about my 2 younger brothers and I all the time. It didn’t matter what we were up to, we always had a thousand questions from Mum, wanting every last little piece of detail of what we were up to. When my brothers and I were playing Rugby Union, Mum wouldn’t come and watch us, she was too worried about watching us get hurt.

At the time it was a little frustrating, but now that I am a parent myself, I can see where she was coming from. I didn’t worry too much about Rabbit (My 6 yo daughter) until the last 12 months or so, when she has started school and going over to her friends places for play dates etc. When she was a baby and always at home there was no need to worry, but now that she is “leaving the nest” a bit more often, it makes me stop and think that my little girl isn’t so little anymore. It really is true – They grow up way too fast!


It has also made me think about a little later in life when my children start at secondary school. I know that my wife Lizzy and I are doing our best to bring up our children to an appropriate standard, but unfortunately there are a lot of parents out there who are not as diligent as us. This leads to questions like, What if my children get involved with the “wrong crowd” at high school? Or even worse, Will my children be involved in bullying other kids? Or worst case scenario, Will the “wrong crowd” lead my offspring to drugs or crime? Do I allow my kids to go to Schoolies week? Are they going to be ok driving a car by themselves once they get their license? These are questions that seriously scare me, and I hope I get the answers I want when the time comes.

All I can do is keep doing what I think is right for my children. I believe if I do my job as a parent to the very best of my ability, my children will make the right decisions when they come to these different challenging stages in their life. I also understand that no one is perfect and my kids will make mistakes, I just hope that they, like me and others will learn from their mistakes and put procedures in place to move on and learn from them. Learning from your mistakes and moving on is an important step in life.

I would love to hear some feedback from other Dads about their experiences with worrying about their kids. Am I alone here? Or is it normal to ponder about what exactly the future holds for my children?

The biggest issue that is puzzling me at the moment is sleepovers. At what age should I let my little rabbit go to a friends place for a sleepover? After much discussion with the Mrs, we think that she has to be 7 or even 8 years of age until she is allowed to go for a slumber party with her friends. Is this fair? Or are we being a little too protective? I think I am a little stricter than most parents, which I think is a good thing, but on the other hand I don’t want to be too strict where my children will try and hide things from me. Ahh – The challenges of Parenthood.

Anyway it’s 2 in the afternoon and time for a refreshing brown lemonade in hot and humid Brisvegas!

All the best – Cheers – Jacko.

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