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Your baby news slips through the net

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We all know the amazing world of information that social media such as Myspace, Facebook and Twitter provides us with. Many of us can now easily keep up to date with the latest news and gossip about friends and family by just sitting in front of a small screen in our lounge rooms and kitchens. We can now share our own information and personal achievements with anyone we chose, right across the globe and pregnancy announcements on the net are becoming the norm.

For many of us, the best news we will ever receive is confirmation of a pending pregnancy. In the old days you could control who you told and when. You could make sure that you got to tell the most important people in your life, the exciting news face to face.

Nowadays it is not so easy. If you like many parents choose to wait to tell the world of your news until after you get to the relative safety of the 13 week mark, Facebook, Twitter and the like can be problematic.

In my case, we chose to only tell a hand full of extra close family and friends about our pregnancy. We wanted to live in the old world idea that sharing news face to face is the most enjoyable way of delivering the news.

We told both sets of parents as soon as we knew and then moved on to our siblings. We then told a couple of best friends each. This was done by about the 7-8 week mark. We were a little bit concerned with the information getting out, so when we told the chosen ones we asked them to please keep it a secret.

By the time we got to the 13 week mark and had our scans, (luckily all normal results), it was to many family and friends old news, well old being 5 weeks old. 5 weeks is a long time in today’s hetic world.My wife was happy with the scan results and carefully scripted a cryptic message to let those aware of the pregnancy know the result, but obscure enough not to raise suspicions of those friends and family who were not yet in the loop.

Queue in a response from one of the chosen ones congratulating us and telling the world that we only had 27 weeks to go.Oh no, the cat was well and truly out of the bag. Anyone who read this would make the link and we were outed.

It was action stations from there, my wife had to make some hasty calls and send some quick fire emails, firstly telling the other family and friends our news and secondly explaining the reasons for the news coming via phone and emails.

I have to say it was in no way anyone’s fault, other than the inventors of Facebookfor the information leek. It was old news to this person as they had seen us on several occasions since we broke the news and there would have been an expectation that we had told everyone by this stage.

It does raise a couple of key questions for any expectant parent, do we need to change the way we release the news and do we need to create a communication plan for disseminating this info. Or do we simply tell everyone earlier and beat the leaks to our favourite social media site.

Now that the information is out there in cyberspace, I guess we will consider these questions next time around.For now though, the next question for both of us is should we put up a ultrasound picture on our profiles or just keep the print on the fridge to show people when they come around to congratulate us about our news.

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