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The value of the routine

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For most of us dad's the only routine that we have in our lives is grabbing a beer and pie at half time at the footy. Or maybe it's the proverbial shower, shit and shave (usually in that order, this is a debate for another time and place).

One of the most foreign concepts to me as a dad was that something as small as C would benefit and more importantly understand a routine. But they are just little routine machines. From the moment they get up (uncannily the same time every single day, I don't even need to set the alarm clock anymore) they want to do exactly the same thing they did the day before.


For C its morning stretches, nappy change, feed and then playtime. Play is not always as enthusiastic from my end, depending on my amount of sleep the night before.

This is not where the routine ends either, its back to bed then sleep, then play, then second breakfast, then play, then eat etc. This routine continues like clockwork, right up until bath time then feed then bed. I think it was really helpful to both C, A and me that I learned this routine.

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