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You don’t always have grand weekends but I must admit that although the weekend was busy it was awesome. I may even make it through a post without complaining. There's a challenge for me.

It started with the usually irritating swimming lesson on Saturday morning which was actually enjoyable. Little Ernie showed he is going to be the next Thorpe by swimming on his own, yes he had a ring on, as the Beyoncé song goes, if you want a 1 year to float you better put a ring on it. Sure he swallowed a few litres of pool water and started to cry after 30 seconds but it was a great achievement. Here is a question for you all is it ok for me to dunk Ernie in the water if he has a booger to wash it away? Not saying I do this but I think it would be ok. The toxic mix of pool chemicals is designed to break this down, isn’t it?

Then we went to the footy. Not the best game for the dees. They only lost by over 100 points. How can this be good? Well easy, it was all about what time we left the game. We left at half time; the dees were only 25 points down. I haven’t got the heart to tell the kids that they ended up getting thrashed. In fact I hope the dees start winning soon because when the kids get to school they may be swayed to barrack for some other say successful team, ok any team that isn’t getting thrashed each week. I heard during the week that a child changed their team to the cats because well they like cats please don’t either of my kids like magpies.

Saturday night was the highlight. Wife A and me went on a date. Yes a date, our first date for over 12 months. Of course my beautiful wife got all dressed up and for once I decided to shave, put on a shirt and spike up the hair (actually make an effort). We went out for dinner and we actually chatted like adults, it kind of felt like a first date again. Only this time we were at an actual proper restaurant not KFC.

Sunday was pretty relaxed, the kids slept through til 7am and we managed to get through the day without anything breaking or any tantrums. Bath time tonight was a highlight. It turned into splash the shit out of dad time. Both of the kids went absolutely crazy and made such a mess but it was all good to see them both laughing and playing together.

There you have it my first whinge free post; I can’t believe I made it through without complaining about something. There is always my next post.

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