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I am in charge of the kids full time for the next 5 days whilst Wife A galavants across Australia to visit her new nephew Cousin M. If the first 3 hours is any indication I am in for a hell of a ride. So I have decided to do a live blog. That's right no editing just bang, whatever comes out goes in. I will try and provide regular updates here on how I am going:



Preflight: - Some old bag in Coles had a go at me for Ernie not wearing his socks and grabbed his feet and tried to warm them up. Apparently he has the coldest feet ever. FIrst of all don't tell me how to parent stranger and second don't touch my child.  This is going to be a long few days.

4pm Day 1 - Home after airport drop off and just putting E/rnie (or failing actually) to bed when the first major incident has happened. Kid X has pulled out her paints and decided that the floor, the cupboards and chairs all needed a quick once over. I didn't loose it which was great although I had to act like I was very cross. Thought I may need to stop when Kid X yelled out I want my mummy. So after 1.5 hours failing dreadfully!

Next Update hopefully 7ish when kids in bed... Hopefully.

8.30pm Day 1 - All kids were asleep by 7.37pm which is about 30 minutes past their bed time. The process was slowed down by Kid X deciding to tell me that mum says this and mum said I could do that .... I think I pretty much had to negotiate the whole going to bed process. I think she was tired from all the thinking up excuses she did and eventually gave up and went to sleep. Speaking of exhaused I hate the cleaning up that goes with kids. I spent a good 45 minutes wandering around cleaning up after the little monkeys. 

9.30pm Day 2 - I think you can tell I have had a tiring day today as there has not been an update til now. To tell you the truth this solo parenting gig is bloody hard work. It's relentless, frustrating and if I have to negotiate or tell off another person today I am going to scream, oh I already did that just before bedtime. Yes I cracked it, I screamed at my kids and although they were doing the wrong thing, it was only small in comparison to the paint or poop incidents of the past two days. I have not written about the poop incident as I am not sure the blog world is ready for this story. I will think about it. My cracking it was just a culmination of the days dramas. I will try harder tomorrow.

Have you ever tried to cook dinner when a kid is screaming and crying the whole time, whilst standing at your feet and trying to reach everything you do? Yes well you must be a parent of a 1 year old then, Very frustrating, I need a drink a strong drink.  

 Day 3 - A total shocker. The house is trashed and I feel totally overwhelmed by the whole experience. Enough said really. Wife A please come hommmmeeeee.

Day 4 9pm - Wow what a day I aced it. The kids got up super early and we enjoyed a normal family breakfast followed by me making all the beds and doing the night before's dishes. Oh and I also put out last nights washing too. It was great to do some normal things. This was going to be a better day.

Mid morning we went on an expedition to buy Foghorn a birthday present and everyone behaved, no tantrums, not even me. The only thing that really happened at this stage was the fact I remembered it was actually Wife A's birthday. Yep she had sent me heaps of text messages and I had not even realised and sent back happy birthday. This is one thing I have learnt from the past few days that you can just get so engrossed in looking after the kids that you can actually not think about anything outside of your little bubble. Happy Birthday Wife A. I love you.

Foghorn's party took up most of the afternoon and this was awesome fun for everyone. Kid X was younger than the group so she  was a little shy. Unfortunately she also only has 1 dance move the twirl and was streched by the party games that expected more than a twirl. 

We then had movie night and I served up the same spag bowl from Friday. It tasted worst than Friday night and even Ernie didn't think much of it. I think even Dog M didn't like the leftovers either. Still it was easy enough to prepare. The only problem with this dish is the mess and boy was there a ton of mess after the two of them had finished eating.  

I got them to bed on time well only 15 minutes late and this included 5 put Kid X back to beds. So really this was success and then finally it took me an hour to clean up and reset for tomorrow. What to do tomorrow?

Day 5 8.30pm - Almost there, I can see the finish line and can't wait for my beautiful wife to come home. I also can't wait to be able to go to the toilet without fear of having an audience (5 days of stage fright is not good for my health), make dinner without a screaming banchie child grabbing my legs and most of all I can't wait to have a proper conversation that doesn't involve don't or stop or no.

Today both kids were pretty good, in fact they are both starting to actually listen to what thier dad says. This is amazing, I think this whole experience has been so good for all of us. The kids for now knowing that dad can be serious and me for understanding exactly how hard it is to be a stay at home full time parent. Oh and Wife A gets a well deserved bit of RnR too.

We went to the Museum today so this was a great cheap thing to do with kids and it's amazing how much more into the museum Kid X gets everytime we go. I did have an interesting discussion about stuffed animals, that I desperately tried to back out off without luck.

Wife A is back tomorrow night so only I day to go, hopefully it flies past cause I can't wait I am in a word exhausted.

 Day 9 7.30 - Tonight is the first night that the family has returned to normality after the return of our saviour Wife A on Tuesday night. Thank goodness she is back. I am no longer exhausted or delireous and I can relax in front of the TV in my undies once again.

You know one thing I am a little dissapointed about was that I did not get a souvenir from her trip to Perth. After all I gave her a messy house and an empty fridge as a souvenir, go figure.

Thanks to everyone who supported me in my parenting persuits over the last week and a half.




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  • Comment Link Mj Monday, 15 July 2013 06:58 posted by Mj

    Is it wrong that I am enjoying your pain and struggle? Actually I love the live update and think that you are doing a great job !

  • Comment Link Marita Sunday, 14 July 2013 22:03 posted by Marita

    Enjoying the updates. Solo parenting is not easy on anyone.

    As for the poop incident, we had many of those in the past. Any incident that involves poop is not pleasant.

  • Comment Link Mike YDad Cbay Sunday, 14 July 2013 21:44 posted by Mike YDad Cbay

    Mate you're doing well! Glad you had a better day 4. Brave man indeed.

  • Comment Link Rory Friday, 12 July 2013 22:37 posted by Rory

    Really enjoying the updates!

  • Comment Link KezUnprepared Thursday, 11 July 2013 22:33 posted by KezUnprepared

    Enjoying your updates! Good luck! I'm leaving my husband with our Little Mister (20 months) for a whole weekend later this month (longest this wussy mummy has ever been away for). I think he'll be fine, but I'm sure he'll have some interesting experiences as the full time parent :)


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