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The great Mr Maker Caper

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Gee, that Mr Maker was so on the money for once. No not his doodle draws or the shapes that live on his shelves or even the dodgy car or even worse his annoying nasally voice (all rather wrong actually). Today his topic of discussion was, have you ever put something really special somewhere secret and forgotten where you left it?


For once I am not at the centre of a catastrophe or family incident. This time it was Kid X and Wife A. Kid X had been wearing wife A’s engagement ring and you guessed it decided to take it off and leave it somewhere. I can only suggest it was somewhere special and very very secret. So secret in fact that she would not or should I say could not tell anyone where she put it.

I had gone off to work. I got a text message about the ring and immediately started sending text message suggestions about where to look. I would have thought these would have been well received and very helpful but unfortunately this wasn’t the case.

I came home at lunch time, still no luck and a very unhappy wife A. She told me that she would have to start going through everything to find the ring. I asked Kid X to tell us where she left the ring and it reminded me of Charlie and Chocolate factory when Tim Brooke Taylor is using the computer to try and locate the winning ticket. I felt like screaming “I am now telling the computer exactly what it can do with a life time supply of chocolate”. Although this would probably have been lost on Kid X. I tried the old hypnotherapy technique. Look into my eyes Kid X. Where the fuck did you leave the ring? At least in my head I did. Wife A told me she had already asked 450 times with no luck.

Luckily Wife A eventually searched in the toy box in Kid X’s room. It was there, shining and sparkling away. Lucky for us Wife A was able to find the secret hiding place. So well done Mr Maker, for posing this question today. I hope it resonated with Kid X, however I suspect she was more interested in the doodle drawers or the weird shapes, ahh kids.

Picture above is Ernie helping search for the ring!

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  • Comment Link Deano Monday, 08 July 2013 21:54 posted by Deano

    The best part is if it was a toy, it would never end up in the toy box!!!!!


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