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Pregnant women's crazy cravings

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One of the things that rates you high as a dad is your late night drive to pick up a pregnant partners crazy cravings. It's scary to think what pregnancy can make women want...Here is what our facebook friends craved... (oh and my annoying comments too)

1. Plain, out the pan hot crepes—Katrina (c: without butter or ice cream or ice cream or even ice cream WTF)

2. Not a crazy craving- but as one who would only eat a chocolate bar maybe once a year, I went to eating almost a whole block of chocolate everyday. I could not get enough chocolate (I'm lucky I didn't get gestational diabetes) thought I put on approx 20kgs oops.—Bec (c: Yeah I did that too oh actually still doing it 12 months after Ernie was born)

3. Wagon wheels & steamed dim sims - not together though!! - Cherie (C: oh I am off to try a dimmy and a deep fried wagon wheel yummo)

4. I loved mineral water with #1, ice cubes with #2, and spicy food with #3. I also had a strange obsession with smelling my pressed powder when I did my make up. It just smelt amazing!!! - Lisa (C: I used to like the smell of the vacuum when I was a kid and now I like lipstick, pressed powder's not so weird huh, did I just say I liked lipstick)

5. I craved alcohol, I didn't give into it of course but found it very interesting as I hadn't drunk alcohol since my late teens early twenties.– Nyomi (C: is this really a craving cause I must be permanently pregnant)

6. Drinking Soy Sauce—Emily (C: You are on your own here Emily)

7. Red powerade and choc milk—Tegan (C: I hope this wasn't together)

8. I really really wanted cheap, nasty and very fake red sweet and sour pork. Totally hit the spot.—Murphy (C: What its not normally fake?)

9. Chicken schnitzel with American mustard slathered on it with both. Then couldn't eat enough chocolate with Thing 2. In fact, I'm convinced she was drinking chocolate milk. Still her "go to" happy place—Arilie (C: I hate mustard but love choc milk, maybe an idea for me is to coat my schnitzel in choc milk yum)

10. Mashies – Wife A (C: This was terrible especially when they only come back every 6 months or so try explaining that to a pregnant women).

Beer – Bucky and Chubba (C:Enough said)

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