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Stabbed in the head and kicked in the ....

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As I rubbed my sore head this morning after being innocently stabbed with a
pair of nail scissors by Kid X I started to think how lucky am I. When you
think about it, when else in your life do you get stabbed with a sharp
instrument and live to have a loud scream/laugh at the same time. I immediately
thought gosh this is the last time I encourage my daughter to give me an
imaginary haircut for at least 3 years.

This accident or incident, depending on your viewpoint
(you say tomato and I say tomato), has not been the worst injury I have
received at the hands, um feet of my kids. There was the famous elbow to the
guts when I was sick asleep with Gastro. Then there was the countless kicks in
the groin whilst trying to change nappies. I know that mums cope the kick as
well but I am going to call it that I think it is actually worse for a bloke to
be kicked here. Our zone is very sensitive and is designed to be protected from
being clobbered.

Then there was the time that I got head butted on the
noise and it drew blood, or Ernie's newest trick to grab at your eyeballs and

What I love most of all about kids is they are free to
just do what they feel. Geeps if I decided to stab someone I would be in strife
and even elbowing or kneeing someone would probably land me in court or jail.

Ever been injured by your kids?

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