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A new era - Happy Birthday Boo

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On this very historic day a new era started.

Well it started 1 year ago actually when my best mate and tacklenappy partner Bucky’s wife gave birth to their daughter Boo. It was the start of our new baby era. What an amazing coincidence that Boo would be joined two weeks later by Ernie. Some would say that we planned this and well they would be right, we even kept score of the attempts made etc.


Boo and Ernie are like two characters from a very epic novel. There lives are continuously overlapping and they are destined to be married at 18. It’s like as Dexter would say a perfect match. He would also then add that they had a “com-pat-a-bil-i-ty score of 78 per cent” whilst flapping his arms around.

I have seen them playing together and they get along almost like twins, ok I am going a little bit overboard but I have seen them play well together. Ernie follows Boo around like a lost puppy.

The bonus of arranged um…. I mean future marriage is I know the father of the future bride and although he barracks for the Pies he is not a bad bloke, good to have a frothie with.

Boo is a bubbly baby with determination and good looks which she gets from her mum. I have seen her grow and develop and have seen her parents do another awesome job being well parents. This is about as mushy as I get so...

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY BOO Love Uncle Chubba and Aunty Wife A, Kid X and Ernie.

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