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Ernie's first words

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Most babies have first words that are memorable. Some say Mum or Dad, if you are lucky you might get a extension on this to Mumma or Dadda.

I can proudly say that we have had a language break through, last night when we were having pancakes for dinner he said something so magical and poignant that we had to do a double take. No it wasn’t a sentence or an amusing musing or social commentary, it was simpler yet more complicated at the same time. 

He had pancakes with ice cream and apart from bravely fighting off the ice cream head ache he loved this meal. He loved it so much he banged on the high chair table and made yum,yum,yum noises (no that’s not really speaking is it). After the meal I gave him some ice cream on a fork, yes a fork.

He said "ice cream” and started yelling it out over and over. When we finished my ice cream I took him out of the high chair and said what does mummy have? He looked over at her on the couch and yelled “ice cream” and made the quickest b-line to my wife I have ever seen. I told wife A what he said and she listened and confirmed that his first truly well pronounced words were “ice cream”.

It must be  a family trait because my mum loved ice cream and I love it and so I guess Ernie does too.

What were your babies first words? And do you feed them ice cream?

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