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Whose job is the worst job in the world?

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What is the worst job as a parent, its obvious isn’t it. It’s looking after a sick baby/toddler. Apart from the abundance of spew and poo, your heart melts as your child transforms from an energetic (and sometimes over-excitable) little person to a miserable cranky sad version.


Is the job of looking after a sick kid the responsibility of the mum? Do we really think that this is the case? I ask these questions after hearing about the Michelle Rowland incident, which if you haven’t heard, she was originally denied leave from federal parliament from the coalition after advising them that her baby was sick and had been for a couple of days.

Of course this story made the media and the coalition changed their decision. The excuse that came up in the media from some people for the refusal was that if the baby was really sick, what was she still doing in parliament? and why isn’t she already at home instead of still in parliament a day or two after her baby got sick.

Thinking about this in more depth, I have to say that the politicians who put forward this excuse were thinking what many of us do, which is no one cares for a baby like a mum and good mums take the lead when a baby is sick.

However, we need to start shifting our thinking. We need to start normalising the idea that perhaps dads or other carers can look after sick kids and (brace yourselves) women can actually work. (Brace yourselves again) women’s professional lives can actually take precedence over males professional lives. We need to know that it should be a choice for a mum to come home to a sick child not an expectation. Gosh it’s not hard enough for women to have to put their career on hold whilst they have a baby but to take all the tough times off as well, come on we need to change.

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