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Two dads, 5 kids, 2 wives and a Camera Crew Featured

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Today a TV crew came to my house to do a shoot for a story on daddy bloggers and on our blog for the Project. It was amazing that we were approached to be on the show and even more amazing that we managed to survive the filming without a tantrum from Kid X.

One of the more peculiar moments of the filming involved writing this post live whilst being filmed. I had to act serious and look like I would normally look writing a post. I have seen the vision and think I look more like I am acting like I am writing a post, plus I am wearing pants.

Apart from the bad acting (by me not Bucky), the chaos of having 65 kids in our house, the rearranging of furniture by the camera crew and the scoffing down of a packet of Tic Tocs by the kids, it was a great experience. You might even notice a very handsome dad, that’s me by the way.

My kids really enjoyed the day. Ernie starred, he is always showing off and today he didn’t let us down. He managed to steal the show by falling asleep on my lap, is there nothing cuter than a sleeping a baby. I only stroked him under his chin twice and he fell fast asleep on my chest. I looked like a super dad, a baby whisperer. In reality it would normally be Ernie screaming and me having to do the sleep dance for a good 20 minutes before he finally nodded off, only to wake up as soon as I put him in his cot.

Finally I will let you in on a little behind the scenes secret. I don’t normally like Kid X interrupting me whilst I am writing posts, but when the camera was rolling I was all attentive when normally I would say just wait daddy is doing something, gradually getting louder and louder with each interruption and whinge.

All in all the experience was beyond unbelievable and I hope that if you are reading for the first time tonight that you like us and follow us on facebook and twitter.

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