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Happy 3rd Birthday Kid X

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Our baby, our amazing, cheeky, intelligent, beautiful baby turns 3 this weekend.

Yes 3. Why it only seems like a minute ago I was holding her in my arms alone in the maternity ward, promising her that she would have a fantastic life and I would always be there for her. The promise that I will keep, without doubt it has been the easiest promise to keep.

That day 3 years ago, changed and reshaped my life. It’s hard to explain how each of your children do this, but they are all unique and bring different things into your life and family. Kid X is a girly girl, she is a princess in waiting and she teaches you about unconditional love, oh and how to tie ponytails. I still think this is my best achievement as a parent.

She challenges us, especially me, on what seems like a daily basis, I put this down to being so intelligent. It’s not always a bad challenge. It can be a challenge to my behaviours, my language, swearing, patience and also a challenge to name all of the Disney Princesses. 

Sometimes the challenges turned into battles for her independence and this happened from an early age. We had the battle for sleep in the first 6 months, then we progressed to the separation skirmish (separation from mum not me), guerilla (getting into everything) warfare and most recently meal wars. Each of these conflicts has introduced something that was foreign to me, tough love. Sometimes you have to be a parent first and be firm and strong to do what’s best for your child. I know more will come our way and this is what keeps us parents on our toes.

Happy Birthday my beautiful girl love Dad xx

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