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Follow the DPCON13 Road!

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Not since Harold and Kumar decided to venture to White Castle has there been a more hastily put together attempt to get somewhere. The boys from are trying to get from Melbourne to the Digital Parents Conference 2013 in Sydney on March 20-21. It's the conference for us as we are digital parents (perfect fit hey) and we are getting new business cards and want to personally deliver these to parent bloggers and where better to do so than at this event.

Here’s the tough bit, we don’t have tickets, accommodation, transport or money but apart from that we are set.

We desperately want to get there to network, to upskill (and yes our blog could do with any improvements we could get) and we want two kid free days (please don’t tell Wife A or Quigs).

We have never shied away from gratuitous flogging of products and services and will gladly do whatever (almost whatever) it takes to get there. We are open to any sponsorship offers and we will gladly wear, use, promote your logo, whatever you like, you can decide and we will do it.

We are not expecting to go first class all the way just a modest form of transport, Jetstar, Tiger, Virgin Blue, Aeroflot, etc. We would be happy to drive if our good friends at (cue in rent a car company name wants to sponsor us).  

Also we are happy to stay anywhere, even bloggers can billet us out if you have a spare room and swimming pool and open bar.

We plan to blog the bloggers out of our supporters as we hopefully travel up to Sydney and attend the conference. You’ll get plenty of mentions in our blog posts such as:

“Gee Bucky I find this Samsung Galaxy tablet so easy to take notes on”

“Lucky Chubba and I had our PowerAde drinks at lunchtime”

How can I help these boys get there:


Share this page, please share and share alike

Like our facebook page, the more traffic we have the more attractive we look to sponsors

Please forward this any company contacts you may have.


Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more details and to discuss ideas for sponsorship. 

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