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Stay on Target 2 - Rise of the Robot Money Box

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OK everyone, this is a sponsored post. Before you decide to go back to reading about your Aunty Betty’s bunions on Facebook let me reassure you that you won’t see the company’s name over and over again.

I won’t shamelessly write T A R G E T… TARGET…TARGET…TARGET

You won’t read about how much we love doing sponsored posts for TARGET and how much we love the big baby sale. Yes I am a dad and I actually like the baby range sale.  We won’t mention this sale is in its second big week nor will we write how much we love the range and great affordable prices. You won’t get that from us.

We will however, tell you that Ernie loves robots and TARGET must love robots too because they have such a large range of robot-themed merchandise. Now for some really cute photos of Ernie playing with his new robot money box from TARGET.

2013-01-29T21-10-22 2 2013-01-29T21-10-22 3 2013-01-29T21-10-22 4 2013-01-29T21-10-22 10

Here’s the thing, I don’t think it’s actually a toy but rather a decoration, however Ernie did seem to like chewing on its ultra smooth robot money box finish. All this enjoyment for only $10, are you kidding me?

No, I am not kidding me, that’s how much it cost, $10. When we went shopping at TARGET we also bought some other essential stuff for our kids, sun shades for the car, a waterproof mattress protector and a sippy cup. Unfortunately Ernie did not want to play with them, but boy are they good quality items.

The sun shades really do a good job of shading the sun, in fact they have stopped Kid X from whinging about her not being shaded from the sun every time she gets in the car. The mattress protector, yep it’s a mattress protector and well, need I say anymore about how good the sippy cup is? No.

Here is a picture of Ernie exhausted on the couch, just like me. Now back to facebook and Aunty Betty’s bunions, go on you have earnt or Ernied it. See what I did there… Quick before I drop in another TARGET reference or bad dad joke. Too late you had your chance.


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