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We want Big Studs

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Tacklenappy has just been on another road trip.Again we traipsed our way into the land of high fashion, Chapel Street. Yes, again we were recognised by a few people, hello to Shane and Liz.

We were attending the #Target Loves Bloggers Baby Range session (I have forgotten its actual name however this is a pretty apt description of the event).

Both Bucky and myself are and have always been ultra-cool hep cats and we sometimes like to flex our trend muscle and see what’s new and what’s coming soon. Today it was baby clothes and nursery furnishings.  Of course Target has a great range and of course Target gave us a both some gifts, but I can honestly say I really enjoyed the day.

I learnt some new things too, apparently a jumpsuit is a “onesie” (not sure if you want a number “twosie”) and lime green is now known as zesty green, who knew?

However, the thing I take away from the day is a new cause to advocate for. After asking a question about how easy was a “onesie” to take off and speaking to Jane the Target Buyer I realised there was something that I have whinged about for years but have never stood up and said its time for a change.

We need a range of baby clothes specifically designed for dad’s by dads. Specifically we need clothes  with bigger press STUDS. Press studs big enough that big hands can find them and clip them together at 3am, in the dark, whilst holding a beer in the other hand. Press studs that make a nice click noise, loud enough that if you are listening to the footy on the radio you can here that it’s attached properly.

Come on people, join with me in this crusade, help us get Tacklenappy’s line of baby clothes off the ground. I can assure you the clothes will be dad friendly, they will have common sense giant noisy press studs, they will be decorated in blokey motifs (sorry blokes I meant pictures) with no cute this owls, just robots, footballs, etc and be designed to make the night time nappy change a piece of ummm…… (you get the idea).

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