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It takes some time to be different

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Going back to the well and putting my proverbial bucket in and pulling out another child six months ago seemed at the time a little ho-hum to people. Whilst many people manage to fake it enough for you to think that they are as excited as you, they are really thinking “you already have kids, sorry we aren’t that excited this time”. 

I have been there myself, how often have you waited to see your friend’s subsequent new bub, perhaps until they get home from hospital. Home many times have you used the excuse “Oh we will let them settle in before we go and see the baby”.

Come on, be honest, we all clamour to see your new bub when it’s a new experience for you but once we have seen you with baby and tried to maintain a conversation about the weather, as we uncomfortably look away as you got your boobs out to feed the little bugger, it doesn’t really appeal to us anymore.

Hey before I get tacklenappy.com red carded by the pro breast feeding lobby I have to say I love boobs and I love breast feeding and I love babies.

Even when they are about to be born and you are the parents you are not quite excited as the previous baby. No, you were, were you? Really, were you as nervous? Did you buy as many new things this time? Did you take as many photos this time? Did you send out the text message to as many people this time as last? Did you work up until the birth this time? Did the dad work in the days while wife/partner was in hospital? I would be very surprised if there wasn’t some sort of downturn in anticipation. 

I think we all agree that once you have the baby they are unique and provide a totally different parenting experience, but I don’t think it gets that different for a couple of months. How different can changing nappies and cleaning up spew be, it’s the same sh… different baby.

It’s only really when the baby starts to develop its own personality that your babies separate in your mind. In our case, the differences in personality between Kid X and Ernie are polarised. Ernie is quiet, laid back, relaxed and raring to get out into the world, Kid X was at the same age, emotional, loud, tentative and very needy. Each of these babies require different techniques for parenting and this is when it gets really interesting being a parent and in my case being a dad.  

Happy 6th Month Birthday Ernie

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