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Tacklenappy tackles the Ultimate Question for blokes

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In a question that has plagued all blokes for the last 30 years should you choose to stay up the non-strikers end (standing up the head end of the mother during delivery) or should you venture down to the abyss that is the big V end?

This is the question that dads to be are asked repeatedly throughout the 9 months, with those that have survived the experience talking about it as if they were veterans of a war. All blokes have an idea from the moment they discover where babies come from whether they are prepared to head on down the other end or stay where the action is. If they are forced to watch a show like One born every minute or countless You Tube deliveries, I reckon you realise that your better off at the top end. There was a reason why men were not allowed in the delivery room for many many years, no not cause society frowned down upon the birth as woman’s business but I reckon they thought men are better value to the wife outside the room.

Men are more interested in this question, than say the name or sex of the baby, what it will be when it grows up, how will I pay for this baby etc.

I myself, sit on the fence with this one, I have caught a peep down there during a delivery but rushed up to the non-strikers end to do what I do best, pat wife A’s head and shut up.

I discussed this issue with the other half of Mystery Pregnant Woman W who was very much unsure, nervously so, after seeing a nudist couple give birth starkers on YouTube. I reckon if he wants to do this (the birth not the naked part) he needs to stay away from all birth video clips and go into this thing cold.

You advice/thoughts


  • Comment Link Reservoir Dad Thursday, 03 January 2013 19:56 posted by Reservoir Dad

    Bit of both for me. I was present at the birth of all four of my boys and very happy to have a good long look at both ends. My wife had very long labours so I was always excited/relieved to look into her loinage and yell, 'he's almost out' or 'I can see the head!'. Get into the action is my advice. Don't miss a thing!

  • Comment Link David Goldstein sir Thursday, 03 January 2013 09:59 posted by David Goldstein sir

    Being a dad over the 30years stipulated ! I have to state a father of this era was allowed only total the action started and then we were ushered promptly out the door to wait nervously for the completion of woman's work! Then come and meet the new arrival And excited ? And exhausted mother of the dear child. Welcome to the new world where the other half now gets to babe present and able to see the workbench Er. If he wants to. The other half can be useful if not emberassed, Damn be present if possible and maybe useful,


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