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Swear, We Do

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As a parent of a beautiful girl White Ribbon Day means so much more to me than it used to.

I am not saying in any way that Violence against women is less of an issue if you don't have kids. Personally I have just been lucky to not have blokes in my close circle of friends who are violent or misogynistic. So it was something that was lurking in the background, in the dark side of society, women's business, that ultimately does not impact on me at all. I thought it was a cause that was politically correct and the energy the media spent on this issue could have been better spent dealing with other more pressing social health issues.

How wrong and foolish I feel now. I think the light bulb moment was listening to Andrew O'Keefe on the radio last year.

I learnt from that interview that if we don't take a stand against violence against women then we are allowing it to happen.

For one I don't want Kid x to grow up in a community where this kind of behaviour is accepted.

In the last week I have thought about this issue and what impact it has on my son. Like kid x I don't want kid y to grow up in a community where violence is acceptable. I never want him to think giving a partner a backhander or being controlling of a female is acceptable and this goes for his future mates too. I am not sure what I am scared off more kid x being a victim or kid y being a perpetraitor.

Either way I am obligated as a parent to do my best to protect all of my children. Prevention is after all better than the cure.

White Ribbon Day is on Sunday 25th November.. Join Tacklenappy and Swear No to Violence Against Women


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