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Kids are good for your health (Sometimes)

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Some days as a dad you wonder why you had kids?

These are the days you have literally had enough, enough of the tantrums, enough of being woken up at 5.30am, enough of having to negotiate everything with a 2.5 year old toddler extremist, enough of leaving everything early (including the close footy game), enough of being grumpy and generally not having a life.

These days can get you down and when you are unlucky enough to have a few of these days in a row it can get quite overwhelming. Then out of the blue you have a moment that makes all the bullshit and crap seem strangely worth it.

Over the past 3 days I have had these moments. The first one came in the midst of parenting despair. We were at sister in law T’s wedding and Kid Y saved up his screaming, for you guessed it, the wedding vows. This meant I pretty much missed the majority of the wedding as I walked around trying to stop the screaming. It was obvious what the cause of the screaming was, no not an objection to the marriage, but hunger, starving hunger. Wife A and resident milk machine was busy being a bridesmaid and well this left me with the responsibility of hunter gatherer. It was so sunny and windy at the beach and I realized that I needed to get all the way back to the car to get his bottle. Oh if only I had breasts (what a convenience that would have been).

I finally made it to the car, with my hands full already I managed to get the bottle and warmer out of the car and then thought what now? It was too hot to sit in the car and feed but there was a café. Idea, coffee and bottle, umm slight problem with that idea I had no cash and only a ATM card. I walked down to the café, and asked the waitress if I could sit and feed (baby Y) and have a coffee. The waitress was awesome she picked out a seat that was not in the sun and brought me over a glass of water, I then advised I only had a card and she said no problem.

All I had to do now was work out how the heater stubby holder thing worked. I tried for a few minutes then I decided to break the dad’s code and read the instructions. You little rippa I got it working. It said it took 10 – 15 minutes to heat. I decided to entertain Kid Y and somehow we made it through. It was actually relaxing, very relaxing. Although don’t tell Wife A that I am not sure the bottle was fully warm by the time I gave it to Baby Y. He didn’t seemed very fussed as he lay there smiling up at me. I was the king of all dads for that 30 minutes of bottle/coffee time. I looked down and he looked up, we were in love we had bonded (not that we hadn’t before but this time it was different). This time it was just me and him. It was at this time (for the second time in one day) I longed to have a set of boobs so I could do this more often. That was moment 1.

Moment 2 happened last night at 2am, when I got up to change Baby Y’s nappy. He was in a great mood and smiled at me again and again. I couldn’t help but interact with him and a nappy change that would normally be quicker than the average 5 minutes, it took about 30 minutes as we played and played. It got me thinking how much joy kids can bring and how much impact they have on our mental and physical health. I went from being stressed out and grumpy to happy and calm. All because of one little person with a giant smile.

Oh and I wished once again I had boobs so I could give the feed, ok this wanting boobs is getting strange now.

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  • Comment Link Rory Thursday, 24 January 2013 00:52 posted by Rory

    Great post. The little moments are definitely the most powerful.


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