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Lessons from JB

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On 2 November 2009 my best mate and dad JB sadly passed away. This article is dedicated to his memory

I am writing this very special post from sunny WA. The family is over here for my sister in-law T’s wedding.

Apart from the tiring elements of travelling, no sleep on the first night, grumpy kids the second day and the ultimate Murphy’s law of parenting that teeth will come through when you’re staying at someone’s house, it’s great to get out of our normal routine. The normal placid kid Y turned into the wild banshee child. This is nature’s way of scaring Sister in Law T and W out of having kids for at least 6 -12 months, oh and us from going on a trip anywhere for at least 17 more years.

The dates we are over here just so happen to correspond to the anniversary of JB’s passing. No JB is not a made up name to hide the identity of the innocent, it’s what we call my dad, and he like Bucky’s dad is the inspiration for this website. In 2009 sadly JB passed away after a very brief battle with lung cancer. I shudder thinking about this period of my life and will spare you all the horrific details.

Looking back over the last 3 years (still feels like yesterday) I noticed that I actually learnt a lot about parenting and life in general from JB.

Firstly I learnt that anything can happen in life and to enjoy your kid’s development into adults as much as you can. You never know when life may change.

I learnt that the excuse I got really drunk at the footy was because of JB’s arm twisting was just that an excuse that I was hoping Wife A would fall for, she never did.

I learnt to not upset a Richmond Supporter at the footy or your “doctor harry” cap will end up on the ground and have to be picked up by a player and thrown back to you.

I learnt never decide to opt out a family trip anywhere, even if the expectation is your family won’t go if you don’t. This happened to my dad, he missed a family holiday on a principle that he would never go to Ballina. So Mum just packed us up and away we went on the 2 week driving holiday. Let’s just say JB was first in the car for all future trips, even to Ballina which I might add he ended up loving.

I learnt that not talking about your kid/s is actually harder than it looks. I was always embarrassed when my dad would talk me up to anyone who would listen. Everything I seemed to achieve would get exaggerated and require immediate clarification by a me usually red faced. I reckon if I was elected to school council, JB would have been telling everyone how I would be the next PM. I still remember my bucks party where he told everyone, everything he knew about me, from overblown achievements to a full health history.

I also learnt just how much he meant to me, correction I already knew this but you can never tell how much you miss your dad until he is gone.

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