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Those dreaded words are not due for another 11 years.

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One of Wife A’s greatest fears is that horrible day when Kid X and Kid Y go through their rebellion years and tell her that they hate her. 

Every one of us has done this at least once (probably in reality about 20 times or more) when we were teenagers.

The other day I was doing something with Kid Y while Kid X was in her bedroom playing with Wife A.  Kid X has become a chatterbox lately and will talk and talk and talk from the moment she wakes up til she goes to bed. She was talking non-stop and the discussion somehow came onto me. She had just spent 10 minutes telling Wife A how much she loves her. Ahh this is will be good, I will be told how much she loves her dad. There is no better feeling as a parent that hearing this,

Instead she said she didn’t love daddy. What, what, what I thought. Wife A said this was not very nice thing to say and Kid X laughed. Wife A asked her “of course you love daddy?”. “No don’t love daddy” followed by more cheeky laughter.

I got involved in my best “put on sad voice” voice “ You don’t love your daddy?”. “Nooooo” she said as she ran off to the lounge room. I then chased her around and around the house and when I caught her I gave her a big bear hug.

Although I knew it was just said to tease her dad, something I think she learnt from me, it made me think what it would be like if it was actually true. What if one day in the future she actually doesn’t love her dad anymore? It was not a pleasant thought.

What if my little princess has a boyfriend I don’t like, stays out all night without calling, gets in trouble at school or worse decides to not follow the Dees anymore? All of these things could result in that conversation, that argument the one where you stupidly bleat out “Not under my roof”.

Once I didn’t understand Wife A’s concerns, now I do.  Ekkk I am not ready for this growin

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