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4 minutes to go stop the clock

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Grand Final Day 2012 will go down in family history as the day the clock stopped with 4 minutes to go in the last quarter.

Having children and watching sport in fact any event is fraught with trepidation and fear. Fear that you will miss out of seeing important parts of the game whilst you run after little Johnny as he tries to neck your almost empty beer bottle.

This was my day yesterday. Running here and there, a trip to the toilet, getting a fash washer, tissue, something to drink etc. It's amazing how many things a kid can want in one quarter or football. Unfortunately it didn't relent until quarter time, half time and 3 quarter time breaks. Add to that there was getting my own beers out of the fridge. Although I confident Kid X could get me a beer out of the fridge I didn't think this would be a cool trick to bring out in front of our friends.

I was lucky enough to see a little bit of a great game, although some of it was from the weirdest most perplexing camera angles thanks to the broadcaster. I loved the fact that the game was close and ebbed and flowed throughout the match. To quote a footy cliché "the lead changed hands on several occasions" and this meant that "footy was the real winner".

It got late into the last quarter of the game when I finally managed to park my sizeable arse on the sofa and ignore all the kids. I shut out the background noise, the sound of things banging on the floor, toys flying through the air and sugar fuelled tantrums.

I was home free 4 minutes to go the scores level and I was in a kid free zone, nothing was going to ruin the end of the game for me. That was until Kid X unleashed a secret weapon. I stupidly look over at her and notice that she is wet, wet all the way down to her shoes. "Nooooooooo.... Stop the clock" I shout as I grabbed the TIVO remote and press pause. Foiled again just when I was comfortable she pulls out the you think I am properly toilet trained think again card.

So there you go one of the best finishes in AFL history and I had to watch it on delay. Conclusion Kids and the big match don't mix. Anyone free to babysit next year?

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