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Sick and tired parenting

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The idea of being sick when you are an adult is not a pleasant one, however the concept of being sick with 2 young ones in the house is enough for you to head down the chemist right now and get those vitamin C tablets.

Before I start my post today I just got out of my seat and went over to grab something and got a very forceful “You Stop” from Kid X.  An ominous sign for this post but please if you are reading this don’t be discouraged just yet.

I have been home from work the last day and a half sick. My man instincts are to blurt out each of my symptoms in this blog so as to get the maximum impact and sympathy and for everyone to say awwwww poor Chubba, but I will resist. All you need to know is I have zero energy and head that feels like I managed to put the Bhudda Baby newborn sized beanie I got with the Bambino Box on my head and haven’t been able to get it off again.

The days are hard enough to get through when you are 100 per cent. You seem to find a little extra tolerance when you are past the 30 minute mark of Kid X’s screaming tantrum. You seem to find a little extra tolerance when Kid Y won’t settle back to sleep and demands (cries and screams) that you hold him on that very painful (to you) angle that he just loves. You somehow are able to be a little bit more receptive to having your checks squeezed and that ability to push your head back to a position that a chiropractor would be proud off.

However, when you are sick this tolerance stops quick quickly, to the point that your household turns into lord of the flies.  To be fair our house at the moment resembles the circus and Kid X and Y are wearing their ring master costumes getting me to perform like the sad pathetic caged animal I am.  

I just had a guest appearance from Kid X who grabbed my arm and bent it back around the side of the chair. Ouch. Kid X obviously wants me to stop writing this post.

So she should, we had a crap night sleep last night, I woke up myself a couple of times and add that to shoving (and at 1am it is shoving) the dummy in several times and you have a poor night. I was so tired that I actually slept through the 5am feed. Wife A did her best to stop me from being woken up (bless her, is there a wife of the year award?).  However, who can guess what happened at 5.30, yep that’s right Kid X woke up screaming. Urrrggghhhhh I was up then for about 40 minutes trying to settle her down and get her to realise that it was still dark and time for sleep.

So my advice for parents, is definitely go to the doctor and the chemist right now and start taking whatever precautionary stuff you can to stop you getting sick cause kids and being sick don’t mix.

NB: Sorry for the typos etc, I am off to bed now!

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