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There's a bear in there and a smart phone, tablet and laptop as well

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It’s amazing what people have decided to get up in arms about. The latest criticism that defies belief is picking on poor old Humpty, Jemima and Big Ted just because in a recent episode the presenter of Play School tweeted, playbooked and blogged. All the big issues on social media this week.

Heaven forbid these modern gadgets get a run on a show that has always reflected the trends and culture of the times. What’s ironic is many of the nah Sayers use Twitter, Facebook and many have put their dismay at this latest modernisation of playschool on blogs and twitter. Luckily for me no one I know took the time to complain about it on Facebook.

Firstly, can we acknowledge that kids are not stupid, in fact they are sponges (they soak up so much information), I am sure that they understand that whilst we place them in front of the 150cm TVs, we then dive for our phones, laptops and tablets and log into Twitter, Facebook or write stuff for our blogs. I am sure that we have all used the expression “just a minute darling I just have to finish tweeting, facebooking or blogging” when your busily trying to like a funny picture of a cat dressed up in a tuxedo.

Kids have always copied us, they gravitate towards our remotes and phones to play with, cause we use them, I did when I was a kid. The segment on Playschool was only imaginary play that you would probably hear from toddlers everywhere.

If someone can perhaps twitter me why we don’t want our toddlers to know what we do on our phones, computers or tablets that would be GR8. It is better to start educating our kids about these things, it doesn’t mean that we set up a facebook account or get them twittering, but we need to educate them on cultural trends and give them a chance to get their imaginations stiring through copying the people they look up to, us. 

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