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2 weeks down only 17 years and 50 weeks to go!

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Wow what a difference a couple of weeks makes. I have gone from a relaxed brown haired latte sipper to a grey haired tired grumpy dad that doesn’t have time for coffee (even instant) anymore.

You would know from previous posts that I had a new baby (2012 model) exactly two weeks ago. You would also know I was already the proud owner of 2010 model Kid X. So I have two rather late model kids in my garage and each of them guzzles fuel, my fuel.

I was kind of thinking before the arrival that my main job would be getting up in the middle of the night a couple of times, change a couple of nappies and maybe take Kid X out a couple of times (hopefully enjoy a kind of peaceful coffee). Instead of this little fantasy occurring, I have been weed on, poo-ed on, spewed on, tantrummed too, been told to go away and go to work, had two perforated eardrums and that was on a good day.

Instead of just entertaining Kid X I have become heavily involved in helping her adjust to the big change of becoming a big sister and everything that is associated with this.  There is the sheer mechanics of being a parent 24 hours a day. Work is a darn sight easier than herding a toddler around. Umm when am I due back at work again.

Then there is the jealousy issues, in kid X’s case this has only been a slight issue but you know that its lurking in the background somewhere waiting to strike at the worst possible moment (when we are out in public). Add to that the battle for boundaries that every toddler goes through, is on in earnest.  If I hear the words “No” or “why” again I am going to scream.

Take last night, it only took me 1 hour to get Kid X to go to sleep (5 books, 3 trips to toilet, 2 kisses for mum etc). Compared to before the big girl room 10 minutes, after moving to big girl room 20-30 minutes, then after the arrival of Kid Y 30 minutes to an hour. This has added an extra dimension to my parenting schedule.

Then there is Kid Y, a nocturnal little man with the ability to wake up 3 hourly and also wake me up. A skill I hope dissipates soonish (sorry experts, I know the 3-4 hour feed thing is required but come on surely some scientist has discovered a work around).  I had forgotten how tired you can become after only a short time of continuous interrupted sleeps.

I am a currently confirmed as a zombie, so forgive spelling mistakes and poorly constructed sentences. Is that a cry or a shriek or a Nooooo I can hear.  I better go and see what is going on. 

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