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Baby Ernie's Guessing Competition

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Tacklenappy is hosting its Second ever competition.

As we know there is not a lot of time left for Chubba before Kid Y arrives. Neither Chubba or Wife A know what the sex is. Kid X thinks its a girl no a boy no a girl and calls it Baby Ernie. So if you are a mystic, clairvoyant or Nostradamus like, you can have a guess to win a Tacklenappy.com prize pack consisting of one of our famous Tacklenappy.com T-Shirts.

As you have a 50 per cent chance of getting it right we will have a lot of correct entries so we will randomly draw out a winner. 

So grab your ring, some string and dangle it around Wife A's stomach for clues.

Also we are having the second part of the competition to guess closest the pin to the baby's weight. My tip is 11 pounds 7 ouches (only joking Wife A). A tacklenappy.com T-Shirt is up for grabs here too. If more than one person guesses correctly we will draw the winner.

Here's what you have to do, go to www.facebook.com/tacklenappy and like our page then write your guesses on our wall. Competition closes on 30 June 2012 and judge's decision is final. Oh and Chubba can't enter, Wife A can cause she is a pregnant women and we at Tacklenappy.com never say no to a pregnant women. 

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