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Renovation Rescue

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Wife A has gone into hyper nesting mode. Only 4 weeks left and it’s all systems go on about 20 renovation jobs.  It’s either hyper nesting or block fever, whichever it is, life has turned into a tiring mess of spac filler, paint and screwdrivers.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, Kid X has decided that now is the perfect time to pop out her molars, resulting in a grumpy sleep deprived girl (and that’s just Wife A). Kid X is moody, constipated and off her food (too much information hey).

So to get the renovations done we have to either do it when Kid X is occupied, asleep or wandering around the house unsupervised getting into everything within arms length. We try and keep her occupied, thank you ABC 2. I used to not be able to do renovations without some form of music playing in the background, now I have to be content with the dulcet sounds of Peppa Pig gang, the theme from that show does my head in.

We have had our floorboards polished and thought it would be a great opportunity to paint the Dining Room and Kitchen, which means our Kitchen remains unpacked and most of our meal related essentials are in boxes. This meant we have had to resort to the five food groups, Fish n Chips, Thai, Chinese, Subway and sadly the Golden Arches.

After a few nights of fast food you start to struggle and this forced our hand. We had to move on quickly with the painting. Only trouble is you can’t be that quick with a cranky 2 year old and a heavily pregnant cranky Wife A. We decided that the best approach was to paint the ceiling and unpack what we needed to use in the kitchen. Then we will gradually paint the walls. This is a super slow process.

 Hopefully Baby Y doesn’t come along early or our renos will be well and truly spackled.

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  • Comment Link Kaz and Ang Sunday, 17 June 2012 21:22 posted by Kaz and Ang

    Wow! That is really ambitious work you're doing there! Good on you! How exciting that you have a baby arriving soon.
    Also, just letting you know that we have given you the Liebster Award. I'm new to reading your blog and we (over at Melting Moments) are new bloggers too.
    Have a squizz at your award here: http://meltingmoments.info/?p=585


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