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6 weeks til we enter the Stadium

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Being in the final 6 weeks of a pregnancy is a bit like the last 5 kilometres of an Olympic marathon. We have hit the wall. 

I am currently having a bleak period, my blog ideas have dried up and I am just too tired to sit here and write a blog about how tired I am.

Wife A is so over it, her inability to get comfortable at night time is taking its toll. I am suffering the ripple effect of being woken up. With both of us tired we are merely shuffling along towards the finish line rather than running  triumphantly into the stadium (as we did when Kid X was born). I am supposed to be the water boy offering encouragement and waving a big Wife A flag but am struggling to string together “You can do it” with any real conviction.

We have so much to do before we reach the finish line. Some things we know we have to do we just can’t get our heads around.

As an example we are not able to focus on prospective names. So far Kid X’s suggestion of Baby Ernie is actually our preferred choice. Not knowing the sex of the baby is making this worse, we have to choose two possible names. I wonder if Ernie can be used for both girls and boys.

The idea of having a discussion on names when you are tired is about as appealing as sitting down to watch the Notebook. We both know the can of worms around this is daunting. We have to consider things like:

  • does it sound Ok with our last name?

  • does it sound ok with Kid X’s name?  (there is nothing worse apparently than two kids having a name that starts with the same letter)

  • can it be shortened? What are the implications of this?

  • will the name make them a target for teasing at school? This is a trap for new parents. Some names suit 3 year olds and then sound ridiculous 10 years later when they start high school.  

Also the nursery is, well, still Kid X’s room.  Ok we need to push this one out and deliver it as soon as possible, the room redesign not Kid Y. Let’s hope that Kid Y takes their time to come into the world. The more time the better thanks Kid Y.

Poor Kid X has to be moved into her new bed, uuuuuggggggg. I can only imagine what this will be like. Kid X will appear more times in our bedroom in the middle of the night than.. (heads out of the gutter people).. David Rhys Jones appeared at the AFL/VFL tribunal. I am thinking of getting a sensor light that every time Kid X enters our room it will play a recording of me saying “Kid X its not wake up time yet, back to bed” then will play another message 1 minute later “No I mean it back to bed please”. Patent pending on that sensor light idea by the way.

Also we need to fit the baby capsule, toilet train Kid X, get the floors sanded and polished, finish the bathroom, get the cars serviced and see all our friends before Kid Y arrives. Ok I said we felt like marathon runners with 5 km’s to go more like 10 or 15km’s to go.

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