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What dads should bring to the hospital

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One of the questions we frequently get asked by our  dads is what should I pack to bring to the hospital.  We all know that the only time we (males) prepack anything is when we are going camping and that usually is the car the night before. We also get asked what you should do to be organised so when you jump in the car and do the nervous drive to the hospital you are all set.

So to help everyone we have come up with the ultimate list of things to pack and do well in advance of the expected delivery of the baby:

  • Mini footy scarf (Preferably Red and Blue, although if you must Black and White but no other colours allowed)
  • Plastic Wrist guard (you hand will be squeezed so hard you’ll need this) * I didn't but some dads do
  • Panadol (for you)
  • Camera and Spare Battery
  • Video Camera (Check with mum to be about how she feels about this first. Don't pull this out during the last phases of labour without notice)
  • Deodorant , toothbrush and toothpaste (for you, this thing could take 20 hours)
  • Car Keys - Don't leave these in the car or worse leave the car running in the panic of getting mum to be to the hospital
  • Set the PVR for all your teams matches well in advance - Enough said, this should be your highest priority during a weekend delivery
  • Panadeine (for you)   

    As you can see our brainstorm wasn't that productive so here are some our fellow tacklenappians helped us with:
  • Their A Game - Julie NB: Not sure what the A game is but bring it anyway
  • Bring Strength and a kit of encouraging words - Michelle NB: Encouraging words are you are doing great, almost there, you are my hero. Encouraging words are not - "I'm bored, what's the footy score, would you mind if I went out for a beer."
  • Something you can snack on - Sam NB: great suggestion yeah I think some soft cheese crackers and deli meats sounds great
  • Take your rings off because your hand will get squished - Sam NB: yes please remember this one, Oh and never ever whinge about your sore hand during labour
  • Lollies, two read bulls and comfy shoes for running around like a madman - Danny NB: Well said Danny,  make sure your comfy shoes are clean, if they are like mine they will stink out the room, not sure if the midwives would appreciate this.
  • Armed guards and a rubik cube - Lachlan NB: there was a little more to this suggestion on twitter however I value my relationship with Wife A so I won't print it. 
  • Rubber Chicken - Ralph NB: Weird nup nothing else just weird
  • his wife - Chiloe NB: Somthing that you may actually forget if  you are in a panic and run out of the house screaming and then jump in the car and start driving. Remember to just check to see if mum to be is in the car when you stop at the lights. 
  • Staying Power, nothing worse than him nodding off - Julie NB: Yes great suggestion,  not sure if its a good move falling asleep while your partner is in labour
  • A Jar of Sugar - Wems NB: No not for mum to be this was for the dad to be's tea, as he requires 5 sugars and never gets that many when someone makes him some tea. Great thinking Wems Hubby, nothing is worse than a badly made cuppa tea when your wife's giving birth.
  • Oreo Cookies - Jeff NB: Well done Jeff your partner had gestational diabetes and this is a really good tip to end the list with. Plus you can munch on these too when your peckish. 

Please feel free to add more suggestions to this list as it will really help some soon to be dads get organised

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