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Day two of Pooh!

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I don’t normally write a quick blog post but I need to give you all an update (cause I know how riveted you are by the toilet habits of my 2 year old).

Sunday was an unmitigated disaster. Not only did I spend most of the day stuffing around sizing up a door but day two of stealth toilet training did not go as well as day one. Guess which door I was sizing? yes that’s right the toilet door. It’s almost poetic- as I struggled with the dunny door, Kid X struggled with the potty and Wife A struggled with her sanity.

 After an initial morning success (of sorts) Wife A decided to try Kid X’s new found skills out. Kid X had about 10 false starts. Poor Wife A is really buggered at the moment and having to quickly pick up Kid X and rushing to the potty is not going down very well. So with me outside, Wife A was losing her stamina and Kid X was pretty much oblivious to the whole thing.

Kid X was a great help when I finally finished sizing and placed the old door back on.  This is when it all went to umm….pot …potty really. Kid X decided that she would shut the toilet door on daddy. When I opened the door she shut it again and this went on for about 5 minutes, she then sat on the potty and I told her to take off her pants, she didn’t and got up again. Now comes the fatal mistake, I decided to do other things and left her to it. When I came back the floor was wet. It’s so hard not to be angry and remain supportive when you know you have to get out the mop and bucket. The nappy went back on after the quick shower.

The next day I was lucky enough to go to work, but I can give you all an update that there were two accidents, one on the floorboards (still waiting to be polished) and one on the couch. Poor Wife A, when I asked for status update, it was simply “the nappy went back on”. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.  Glad I am at work.

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