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My Friend Pooh

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This weekend was hectic and messy. No, not messy like we used to have in our single days, it was truly messy.

This weekend Kid X decided that she wanted to start using the potty. It all started on Saturday morning when Wife A went to the toilet (for a minute of peace) only to have Kid X running down the hall yelling “Go Toilet, Go Toilet too”.

Wife A gave in and down Kid X sat on the potty. Our potty has a picture of Winnie the Pooh on it and says "my friend pooh"  (this always makes me laugh, you have to poo on pooh). Kid X has always been a bit of a potty faker, she likes to sit down and do nothing. Especially when it comes to doing wees, Kid X has never really got the concept of number 1’s at all.

Saturday morning was different though. She went, not just a trickle but a full on wee. I could hear the tinkle and the praise from Wife A and I knew what had just happened. It was that remarkable that I jumped out of bed and started to encourage her (Kid X not Wife A) from out in the hall.  “Are you doing a wee? You’re a big girl. Wow what a big girl. We are so proud of you”.

It’s amazing how excited you can get over something so small. I guess it’s not so much the event, rather the fact it’s another milestone for your child. It’s a bit like when your child sings your footy team theme song for the first time or learns to grab you a beer out of the fridge.

Let’s just say that we were not the only ones impressed with this development. Kid X was feeling pretty good about life too. The big decision for us was do we go for the full toilet training or do we just keep encouraging her to go to the potty if she wants. We chose to keep the status quo for Saturday anyway. However kid X did tell us that she needed to go to the potty again and this time we got a dual success.

The only bad thing was there was a bath time incident which I won’t go into, other than to say I needed to give the tub a fair old clean.

What should we do? Should we toilet train now or wait? Your thoughts?  

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