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The Reception….

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As I put Kid X down to bed at 12.30am I saw the tired, grumpy facial expression that said to me, just wait til I decide to wake up early tomorrow, I’ll get my revenge.

Revenge was had by Kid X, she first started crying at 5am. I had little choice but to get up and see what was wrong after drinking several beers while Wife A couldn’t. So up I got and almost fell over again but somehow I managed to go into the room. I told Kid X it was far too early for her to wake up and put a blanket on her and it worked, she fell back to sleep.

I did too, however an hour later the screaming began again, this time Kid X was wide awake, and so were Wife A and I. I remembered pretty quickly why it’s not a good idea to have a big night, kids have little, in fact no sympathy for dad or his aching head.

The night before was great fun, we arrived amazingly on time and found ourselves in the atrium area of the reception centre, munching on a canapés. I grabbed a beer and then I spent the next 25 minutes not drinking the beer, trying to herd Kid X around whilst also trying to catch up with everyone. Since when did Kid X start running around everywhere? Very inconvenient when you’re trying to have a lazy ale.

We were then seated for the reception dinner. Luckily we were up the front. Kid X had such a great time but no wonder, she had a high chair, a lot of kids to play with, great food and an exhausted mum sitting down all night with a cuddly lap. She spent the night swapping between her high chair, Wife A, her cousins, second cousins, mysterious other kids, the bride, Aunty N and me.

It was exhausting and kept us both occupied, when previously we could have grabbed another couple of coldies. One thing I did miss was the speeches, well I heard them but I was sitting out in the foyer trying to quieten down Kid X who decided to heckle the whole way through.

Kid X loved the spectacle of the reception especially several of the dances and the bridal waltz. Kid X is now officially a big fan of weddings.

Congratulations Cousin C & Cousin in law D

Chubba, Wife A and Kid X

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