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Hurray a Santa Hat (part 1)

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Wedding Wedding

We took Kid X to a wedding on Saturday night, our first formal event since well the disaster that was the engagement party.  We didn’t get home until 12.30am and Kid X was exhausted, we were going to pay for this the next day.

The day started with me taking Kid X to swimming. Kid X has gotten over her phobia of the strange swimming instructor and being in the water without me. She also finally realised that the floaties, well help you float and once this happened the instructor had a difficult time keeping her on the step at the edge of the pool. Every time I looked over she was bobbing up and down swimming along. I was very proud book me in for the Olympics 2024.

The idea behind the swimming on Saturday morning was to tire her out a little so she would sleep before we went to the ceremony and hopefully avoid a tantrum. One thing we had not factored in was Kid X’s cousins, Cousin V and Cousin J, being around when we got back.  So we didn’t even need to go swimming to tire her out.

Luckily she slept for a little while before we had to go. As usual we were running late. As usual we will blame Kid X. All the trip there Kid X asked if she would be a flower girl soon, the result of telling her earlier in the day that 2nd Cousin L was going to be a flower girl.

We arrived at the Church to see the beautiful bride (Bride C) arrive. It’s always classy to arrive after the bride, but no worries we managed to sneak into the church and luckily had a seat up the back.  Kid X was really interested in the wedding for at least the first 5 minutes, after that she studied all of the pictures and referred quite loudly to a halo as a Santa hat. I’ll save my “hurray” story for the pub, but let’s just say the meaning of one of the pictures was lost on Kid X. Also, I am not sure if climbing on the pews is allowed.

We then had our family photos and well you soon realise on a hot day just how heavy 16 kilos to lift and hold on to really is. Well that’s what Wife A told me. I managed to avoid most of that whilst I stood in the shade talking footy and how thirsty I was.

To be continued…. The reception

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